iPad 3 event pegged for March 7

Rene Ritchie:

According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.


  • Woo Hoo … its own my calendar. Hopefully the pre-order for the iPad 3 starts at some reasonable hour. I don’t want to lose a night’s sleep 🙂

    • Paw

      You would lose sleep just for that?

  • Anonymous

    Ya baby! Time to pass the 1st gen unit to the wife and get the new hotness for me!

    • You Dog. Keeep Gen 1 and Give your Wife the iPad3

      • Anonymous

        Naw man, she only uses it to play Bejewelled. Don’t want to waste that A6 chip 🙂

        • swatam’s wife

           We will see about that.

  • Bob

    credit card ready – i need six

    • Ryan T

      Six new iPads???

      • Adam Ouellette

        i think he’s referring to the new A6 quad core processor. I second!

  • Ok. So I have a little over three weeks to rationalize buying my first iPad!

    • CupcakeKiller702

      You are welcome to buy my gently used, babied iPad 1st 64G WiFi + 3G, and I will go get me a new one.

  • Yayyy!!!

  • I love when you do this! Whom do you know? Tell us. It’s our little secret.

    • LOL 🙂

      • Jon

        Yep as in yep to the specs too?

      • Randy S.

        You know jim Leaving Maccentral has just sort of left it not so good.   🙁  I hope it was worth it.  🙂

  • Rene Ritchie in the same article:

    “It sounds like Apple has 4G LTE lined up for iPhone 5 this October, but we’re still not certain if the iPad 3 will get it earlier”. 

    iPhone 5 in october? Also a Yep?

  • Duneemperor

    Can’t wait until every Asian on the planet visiting the USA line up in the mornings outside all the Apple stores and buy as many as possible (even if there not compatible in China, Japan, or wherever) just to sell them back home so you can’t get one.

    Wat yu meen Verizon epad no wok? I haf fife friend who want dem too.

    • AJ

      Apple products usually launch on the same date in Japan and the US.

    • They Kill me… they line up 10 at a time and they each buy 2… it’s annoying especially when I had to wait for my 4S and they spoke no english and held up the line… ARGH!! this time I pre-order!!

  • Anonymous

    2 days after my birthday. Perfect timing. 🙂

  • Truetrax

    No flash no buy sorry im still holding out

    • LOL As Adobe has abandoned developing Flash for the mobile platform, it looks like you will, in fact, turn blue waiting.

    • John Smith

      ROFLMFAO – You Fragmandroid / Microsoft Stockholm sufferers are all the same – technologically ignorant and uninformed. You have no idea that all the anti-Apple Flash FUD is only propagated to keep you and your little sheeple friends in the pen. Newsflash: YOU DON’T NEED FLASH. Newsflash 2: Even if you had it, YOU WOULDN’T USE IT. Ever read a review of Flash performance on an Android device? Flash is outdated, outmoded, inefficient, bloated and a royal PITA to anyone who knows anything about system architecture… Even Adobe KNOWS IT – Flash is officially DEAD. Adobe has GIVEN UP and KILLED IT. Get it yet? In 24 months, you won’t even remember what Flash is (except for when you happen across the occasional website designed by some web doofus stuck in the late 90’s and your web browser locks up).

    • Won’t ever happen.

    • Jr

      Good idea.  MIllions of people are probably wrong.  Keep waiting.  

  • Dina

    I’m still going to get it but that no flash crap is really annoying.

    • Actually, it’s the flash crap that is annoying. No flash is the future.

  • Larryecollins

    Do we have ANY information on PRICE?  I’ve been saving for 6 months for an iPad3

    • Well, if the past is any indicator the most likely scenario is the specs will jump and the price will stay the same.

  • Norbert Vandamme

    ok, ik kijk er naar uit yep

  • looking for my ist ipad should i buy the 3 or the 2nd


    • Kevwicks007

      Now you’re talking