Dan Lyons goes postal on Michael Arrington and MG Siegler

Dan Lyons, on his own blog:

Yet now Arrington and Siegler have appointed themselves the watchdogs of tech journalism, eager to point out the irresponsible and inaccurate reporting that they see all around them. This might ring a little less hollow if they hadn’t been such egregious violators themselves, and if they weren’t writing this stuff to protect the people they’re in bed with financially.

Lyons goes into full frontal attack mode on MG Siegler and Michael Arrington following Siegler’s treatise (linked to this morning) about the state of tech journalism. Vituperative, nasty work, though I must admit to laughing a bit when Lyons dubbed Siegler “Matty the Angry Chihuahua,” “a nasty little ankle-biter who has developed some level of expertise in launching ad hominem attacks.”

  • CJ

    “This might ring a little less hollow if … they weren’t writing this stuff to protect the people they’re in bed with financially.” Siegler is an expert in launching “ad hominem” attacks. Dan might want to invest in a dictionary with the phrase “ad hominem” in it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, first of all it’s Dan Lyons, and second…. Actually no, just the first one is all I’ve got. Dan Lyons has never been worth reading as anyone other than FSJ.

  • His Shadow

    Lyons has no room to manoeuvre on this, especially in light of his flat out loony Apple bashing lately. MG may be hypocritical criticizing the blogosphere, but Lyons has no credibility what so ever.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much. He is just as guilty of the stuff they are calling out and more. Lyons has been a nasty jerk for ages, worse since being outed as “Fake Steve Jobs” which I myself didn’t find clever or funny. 

      Honestly I find Lyons to have less credibility than a stock analyst. MG and Michael’s writings had the tone of guys that saw something wrong, had vowed to themselves to change and were calling on others to do the same. Lyons is just an asshat with a stuffed ego

  • djr

    One arsehole calls another arsehole an arsehole.

    Ladies and gentlemen: the blogosphere.

  • Player_16

    No matter how weak or how strong MG Siegler and Michael Arrington’s writing may be, they didn’t pose to be someone they’re not to gain hits-n-clicks and now he expects us to take him seriously.

  • I can give shit to Lyons every day of the week and as others have pointed out, this article is hypocritical of him, too, as his moronic posts about Apple are nothing but link bait. Yet I think he’s right in this case and he deserves some props for this, if only for pointing about the systematic misinformation in Silicon Valley and Siegler’s NMD holier than though behaviour.

  • That had to be written by a fake Dan Lyons. Surely, not even Lyons would have the gall to write such a hypocritical treatise, right?

    No, wait, that bozo would.

  • Dan is just happy that he’s relevant, even if it’s only for a day or two.