Apple asks supplier to stop building MacBook Air clone

Katie Marsal:

Apple has reportedly asked Pegatron, one of its overseas device assemblers, to “choose sides” and stop producing the MacBook Air-like Zenbook from Asus, or else lose Apple’s business.

Seems reasonable to me.

  • Anonymous

    “Stop helping people rip us off or you will see the end of our money.”


    • Anonymous

      It’s more than that. The MBAir design and the tech to create it are almost certainly patented by Apple. And these would be patents they are not required to license because they are not subject to FRAND. But Pegatron may have taken it upon themselves to freely ‘give’ the design and tech over to another company. Apple’s message to them was more likely one informing them of these legalities and that if they continue to produce the Asus machines they will be complicate in patent violation and will be sued as such. So, assuming positive intent and that Pegatron didn’t know that Asus didn’t have their legals in order, Apple is giving them a chance to fix the situation. 

  • Hmm, lets lose Apples Mac OSX biz, and maybe gain Windows 90% marketshare. I’d take that bet if I were them. Besides if it were really a clone no one would be complaining about the trackpad. Appleites really need to stop crying about copying. As IF Apple invented or even patented thin and light. You guys are so full of yourselves it’s not even funny. Go sit in a corner and brag about how much money you have like the spoiled little kid up the street. It’s really starting to fit you.

    • Anonymous

      We are talking about high-end PC’s: MacBook Air and Asus Zenbook. Apple has 90% of the high-end PC market. So if Pegatron wants to go with the bigger player in this case, it is Apple.

      Further, iPad and Windows are about the same size businesses. So even if Pegatron were making iPads then Apple would still be the bigger player.

      And even more, iPhone by itself is a bigger business than all of Microsoft.

      • I’m guessing Pegatron makes the same off of a unibody it sells to Apple and Asus. The only one making more money would be the one OVER charging for the product in the end. It’s easy to brag about the product that has no competition. You can start wagging your tongue about marketshare AFTER MS has entered the room, until then it’s useless bragging really. If you want to be happy that your overpaying for you technology be my guest. I want my laptop maker to have TINY profit margins, that will insure that I am getting the most bang for my buck and not my ego.

        • Wow, I havn’t Apple bashed i a while, got tired of it. But this is fun, maybe I’ll pick it up for a while again. I feel energized…

      • Jasonmountjoy

        IPhone is bigger than Microsoft. And your point is? IPhone is not bigger than Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Samsung, yada-yada, which you need to take into account if you look at industry marketshare. Apple has a lot, 30% ish US smartphone, 10% US computer. But that leaves 90% computer share for other OEMs to fill the gap. Try comparing Apple with apples, not oranges. Dumb ass.

    • Penguirl

      Yes, because Ultrabooks are totally dominating the market. Lets see, iPod killer? Nope. iPhone killer? Unh unh. iPad killer? pfft. MacBook Air killer? Aint gonna happen.

      Better luck next time.

    • Madedigital

      What happen to creating more choices and option for the consumer to choose from, apple do compete they just crush everyone around them, they took xerox interface and that was fine for them, what’s up apple you starting to rot.