US government dumps BlackBerry in favor of iPhone, iPad for NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is dumping RIM’s BlackBerry from its list of officially supported mobile devices, according to a memo sent from the organizations CIO.

According to the memo sent by Joseph F. Klimavicz, NOAA Chief Information Officer and Director for High Performance Computing and Communications, support for the BlackBerry will continue until May 12, 2012.

The U.S. government will instead supply workers with new iPhones and iPads. Klimavicz says the organization will now support the iPhone 4 and above with iOS 5 and above. The iPad 2 and above with iOS 5 and above will also be supported.

The memo, dated February 3, 2012, didn’t say when the government would furnish workers with the new Apple products.

  • Jojo

    Did you mean discontinue?

  • $470AShareIsRejuvenating!}:-D

    Awesome for Apple.  Finally, the “toy” company is getting down to business.  There are going to be an awful lot of iHaters in a state of denial.

  • David Cree

    $470AShareIsRejuvenating!):-D  I think you might need to change your name soon!!

  • Maybe this might get Apple to develop water-proof devices rather than have to buy those clumsy awkward cases 

  • Anonymous

    wait…iPhones havent been approved for use by the US Federal Government yet a department under the same Federal Government is switching over to them…how does that work ?

    • Sandlog

      not sure where you get your info but i know several govt agencies, including one that i work for that use iPhones as the main device.  we got rid of blackberries about 4 months ago.

  • Keith G

    Gerg Robbins- check out the LifeProof case. Pretty impressive.

    • Keith G

      Greg. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Government agencies moving from Rock Solid Secure Enterprise communication systems … will this signal an increase in productivity?

  • Kevin

    Um, could we have a link to the actual article which states that this is happening and not to just a generic NOAA page?  Thanks…

  • Anonymous

    Buy American (well Chinese really).

  • Hax0r

    Makes perfect sense. Simply because having all the BIS/BES infrastructure is redundant nowadays.