Apple to announce iPad 3 first week of March

John Paczkowski:

Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2, and will do so at one of its trademark special events. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these.


  • Boom!

  • Anonymous

    This’ll be my first iPad. Glad I waited! Now maybe I’ll be able to skip both iPhone 4 and 4S to wait for iPhone 5!

    • Steven Fisher

      I still have an original iPad. I’m glad I didn’t wait; I’ve used it every day since I bought it. And my kid’s used it more than that. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Same here. Not quite everyday but most days I’ve used iPad 1. I’ll get a 3 if it has a higher res screen, any other new features just gravy, i’m still happy with my 1.

      • Erik Ordel

        So, your kids use it more than every day? Is there a time travel app for that?

      • Same here too. I use my iPad 1 all day every day. My kids have the iPad 2 and I’m looking forward to leap-frogging them. 😉

    • Are you saying you are glad you waited at Christmas time for the Spring (i.e.: being patient for iPad 3 when iPad 2 was late in the product cycle) ?  Or are you saying you are glad you bypassed iPad 1 and iPad 2.  If the latter, its hard to imagine what “killer feature” on iPad 3 makes you “glad you waited”.

      The best thing about buying iPad 1 is that I used it every single day and then sold it for 55% of the purchase price to a family member and bought iPad 2,  They were going for 70% of purchase price on craigslist & ebay, so I could have gotten even more. I will likely sell my iPad 2 and buy the iPad 3 as well.  I’ve been enjoying using my iPad since Spring 2010. Because I have been able to resell, using my iPad 1 only cost me $329 for 12 months of constant use.  Using my iPad 2 will likely cost me about the same (or less if I sell to a stranger rather than family).  Essentially, iPad is costing me less than $30 per month to own with a yearly upgrade to new hardware.  I think when PeoplePC was giving away junk PC’s with Internet dial up service years ago that they were charging about the same and would only upgrade you once every three or four years.  By comparison, iPad is a huge value.

      • Anonymous

        As the events of the day after my original post transpired, my “fortuitous waiting” became moot. My wife got her first job to create an iBook using Apple’s iBook Author. When she got to the part in her learning the app where it said an iPad was required to preview the book, she decided to bite the bullet and get an iPad 2 now instead of waiting for the iPad 3.

        Fair enough. We picked one up this afternoon at our Tampa Apple Store, and it’s really great, of course.

        I wasn’t glad I missed the first iPad, as I might have purchased one before the iPad 2 came out and probably not regretted it. Though I might very well have sold it or bought a second iPad when the 2 came out.

        What I meant in my original post was that as long as there was no pressing need for an iPad, and because we’ve had other pressing priorities for what to buy and pay for in the interim, I was glad that the resulting wait was long enough so that our first iPad could be an iPad 3.

        As it stands now, we may very well buy an iPad 3 as soon as it becomes available, as I need and want one now, too.

    • iMan

      why not just wait for the iPad X & and the iPhone X,

  • 2011 the year of copycat. 2012 still be the year of copycat.

    • Gatortpk

      What do you mean?  Copycat?  Everyone else attempting a copycat the iPad models?

      It’s hard to believe that they will (others, not Apple) succeed this year, especially since last year was a disaster for everyone else, (all the Android Tablets).  I can’t imagine an Android Tablet that’ll be quad core, quad resolution, have any good Hi-Res Apps, and long battery life that’ll actually turn a profit.  Other companies will spend as much if not more on manufacturing, just like last year.

  • xavier

    Yup I’m ready to buy my first ipad… glad I waited because I won’t be buying another until the next big thing..from apple

  • The1Llama

    I order the iPad the first day it went on pre-order and it still amazes people who never have used one. I going to be ordering the iPad3 (or 2S) the FIRST day too!

    I you want a good LAUGH, check out the bozo’s who still insist that Samsung didn’t try and make the Galaxy Pad to look (and feel) like an iPad!


  • Misterg

    Apple goal is to make money producing the best, if they can’t, they raise the price so  that they can.  ceg LaPlace, LA