Picture: Galaxy Note next to iPhone 4S

Samsung includes a stylus with its newest smartphones, so what’s it going to include with this beast, a wagon to carry it in?

Thanks to @abdophoto for sending the photo of Leo Laporte holding the devices.

  • Can’t sell small tablets, might as well try to sell huge smartphones. Wasn’t one of the Dell Streaks that size?

  • D Pauw

    This reminds me of those Gizmondo phones where you had to hold what looked like a hard taco shell to your head.

  • Joe L.
  • I think the only reason this phone was released was to allow the Android fanboys to argue that Android is better because it has a bigger screen.  Now if that doesn’t make a lot of sense to anyone, it’s what the average Android fanboy argues.  Even though Android doesn’t have a bigger screen and when you point that out to the typical Android fanboy, you get the typical “choice is good” bull crap.

    • Anonymous

      lol, you are high on yourself and your purchases of gadgets.  

      how about you dont defend your phone so ravenously and nobody will argue with you about it.  clearly there is a market, as samsung sells more phones than anyone right now.


      also its a samsung phone, not an “android”

      • Apple makes 80% of the profit in Smartphone sales, that is all that matters. Samsung could sell a billion phones but if they are not making profits, it doesnt mean jack shit.

        • well that’s not true. To me that just means you’re paying too damn much for your iphone, eh?

          • Anonymous

            The iPhone is worth it, and so am I.  

            I can’t help that others are to poor or don’t want to get another job to pay for the iPhone.  But then again, even the poor can save up for an iPhone.  That just makes the alternative users just cheap.

          • PatanjaliS

            How pathetic.

            Some people may want something other than a small phone, or hasn’t that occurred to you?

            If not, you are living in a bubble.

          • Anonymous

            You probably don’t own any stocks, and you certainly don’t run a business of any kind. 

            The fact that Apple can sell SO many devices while maintaining such high margins speaks to the incredible demand for iOS devices. And don’t start on the fanboy crap, I know far more Windows users and non-computer owners with iPhones than Mac peopl. Face it, the iPhone is a device, and an eco-system, that people not only want, but will pay a premium for. No other brand or platform can say that.

          • kibbles

            el gato- iPhones cost $0, $99, $199, and $300. $0 for a touch iPod and smartphone…how could that possible be too much?

          • Anonymous

            iPhone 4S costs the same as the Galaxy Nexus. Not to mention Samsung don’t do units sold, only shipped…what are they afraid of?

          • Anonymous

            No, consumers pay about the same for Apple and Samsung phones.  The difference is that Apple is able to command a higher subsidy from the carrier due to higher quality and higher demand.  Yet, Android users pay the same carrier rates.  So, in essence, you’re paying to much for your Samsung / Android device.

      • Dan Andersen

        Samsung sells more phones than anyone but it sells fewer smartphones than Apple.

        • Anonymous

          Samsung “ships” phones…not sells. Who knows how many they sell…

      •  300 million phones, right down to the free phones that you get at 7-11 and WalMart on the prepaid plans.  Nothing to brag about.

        • Patanjali

          What a silly comment!

          Any company that sells that many phones and has enough profits left over to invest billions in R&D must be doing OK.

          I don’t know who you were expecting to believe you had a valid argument.

          Pathetic really. Get a real life.

          I am killing time between contracts. What is your excuse?

    • PatanjaliS

      What a load of crap!

      Just excuses for you to vainly defend your choice.

  • this is a trick of perspective

    • Brad

      Perspective likely plays a role, but the fact is that it really is massive compared to the iPhone 4. Check the link a few comments up for a side-by-side comparison that’s to-scale.

    • Guest

      The Note has a 5.3″ screen, which is quite a bit bigger than the 4″ your image references.

      • thanks for that, very analytic and true. But my point was a facetious amount of bollocks meant to spark debate

    • no – it’s definitely huge.

  • sandman0248

    When is Samsung going to learn: size doesn’t matter – it’s how you use it!

    • Player_16

      It’s when they get screwed!

    • Fake Tim Cook

      They are Korean.

      • Wong Way


    • PatanjaliS

      Size does matter. At least to 5 million+ that thought that it was worth spending money on.

      And when it is easier to use, who wants to stay with small and awkward, except for some who think we all MUST have an iPhone or nothing!

  • My brother just bought one of these.  He was a long-time TREO user and missed the stylus.  His main complaint was that tapping to expand web pages on his wife’s Galaxy S was a pain on a small touchscreen.  With this, he says that you hardly need to zoom in on anything cause the screen is so large, and when you do, selecting with the stylus is more accurate.

    I don’t agree with him, but that’s his rational.

  • That’s no moon … it’s a cell phone.

  • When do devices move from phones to small tablets?  Now?

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have some popcorn warmed up and waiting, just for when the next race starts and Samsung, HTC and whoelse starts competing in who can go bigger than 5 inches and still have the balls/audacity to call it a smartphone. I know one thing; it’ll be frakkin’ hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    It makes his hand look bigger too!

  • Bruno

    Samsung includes a stylus with one smartphone, namely the one pictured, the Galaxy Note.

    It fills a niche, the flagship smartphone is the Galaxy S2 and remains at that position until the Galaxy S3.

    But hey, why let facts get in the way.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung invited the comparison by spending north of a million dollars during the Superbowl to tell us people waiting for an iPhone should get this exact phone instead.  With stylus, which they even admitted to having in the commercial.

      All I could think about was, all those people dancing around – how many lost styli were there on the street to clean up after?

      • Patanjali

        It was a ‘notice this’ splash. Samsung has been promoting the device and its specs for months in other avenues.

        Many may be thinking that the latest Apple phone is the only option (as it was for a few years).

        The stylus is a full fine Wacom one, capable of a drawing density that any capacitive one, let alone a finger, is NOT capable of. But it is not required to operate the device, and many may never use it.

        And the stylus is very securely held in the device.

  • Gedalia Pasternak

    clearly the apple newton missed it’s time

  • m.pup

    Please.  Big is the new small.  Cami Diaz has one twice that size.

  • Divebus

    Does it make clacking typewriter key noises?

    • every time you poke it with the stylus it emits a tiny groan of masochistic appreciation

  • Adams Immersive

    A bit thicker than an iPhone too. (In fact, thicker than an iPad.)

    I see Samsung’s still using the awful “Pentile” screens that only deliver half the pixel resolution claimed. Checkerboards instead of clean colors! Look up close: http://images.anandtech.com/doci/4165/Bayer-vs-PenTile2.jpg

  • ThineEggMenCry

    Actually, they should have called it the Galaxy Chord. Or possibly, the Galaxy Short Story, or Novella. 🙂

  • Player_16

    “It’s nothing more that a ‘over-sized’ iPod Touch!”

    …Oh the memories.

  • Does anyone else remember when the iPhone came out and people were making jokes about how big it was and putting out videos with people holding unwieldy bricks up to their ears and smiling like they were high on the Kool-Aid?

    Mmm… good times.

  • This is not the Droid you’re looking for.

  • one review compared it to holding a ham sandwich to the side of your head. I dont think it was far off.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung should produce a 6-inch screen Galaxy smartphone.  Then we can laugh out loud when seeing someone else with it.

  • Redwan Huq

    This device actually makes a lot of sense. Why own/carry/charge both a smartphone and tablet when this machine is a solid middle-ground? But that iPhone is on the opposite end of the spectrum — cramped and claustrophobic.

    • …fits in my pocket, doesn’t need a stylus.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely correct. Also, why buy both a house and a cell phone? Samsung’s new Galaxy XB will provide a cell phone* that you can actually live in!!!!

      • Semi-trailer case not included.
    • Patanjali

      I think the 4s is probably perfect for a lot of people, as it is compact.

      But there are many use cases where it does not work as well because of the size, which is why we have alternatives.

      There is enough people using smartphones to support a variety of devices. I don’t know why so many people have to put down anything that does not fit into their use case scenarios, as if others are not allowed to think they are entitled to want something different.

      I bought a Note because I had the useage scenarios that the device was designed for. That a million others (in the few markets where it is available) also wanted it is testament to the fact that such a device IS a viable product.

      That Samsung chose to mainstream it at the superbowl shows that it has been even more successful than even they thought it would be, reaching much wider than their original target niche.

      Maybe, just maybe, some of these phone size bigots’ friends may just buy one!

  • RTW flyer

    At this rate, Samsung will make an iPad-sized “smartphone”. Or maybe a large tablet phone with a fold-out keyboard? The Samsung Galaxy Air, anyone?

    • Patanjali

      The original Tab could be used as a phone, and that did look dorly held up to one’s ear.

      However, the Note is only 23% larger than an S2, and no-one notices anyway. The phone only looks big when viewed up front first time, but then is just looks a little bigger, but not extroadinarily so.

      Just goes to show that most reviewers (if they actually have seen a device) that go on about how big it is have never used it in public to see whether anybody nereby even notices.

      It is strange that much written about the phone is from bloggers and commenters that have never seen one for real. Virtual worthless experiences abound. No wonder so many are out of touch with what goes on in the world.

  • Chromeronin

    I’d love to see him stretch for the “q” key with his right thumb.

    • Patanjali

      Lots of people do not use their phones in only one hand. And that includes 4s users.

      Once a person doesn’t want to use a phone with only one hand, the 3.5in design requirement no longer applies. Then other requirements that could use a bigger screen can be more important for those users.

  • Anonymous

    No chance of the big handed smothering the antenna on that brute.

    Is it true that it doubles as a coffee table?

  • Knox

    When they make an Adenoid phone that is the size of a ping-pong paddle, that’s when I’ll switch from iPhone. Looks like I won’t have to wait long – they’re getting close!

  • Zippity

    I recently bought a Samsung phone off-contract. It connects to T-Mobile, pre-paid. There are several plans to choose from, and several more post-paid plans. It runs Android Honeycomb. Honeycomb is pretty nice, but not as good as IOS.

    This phone’s price is comparable to the iPod touch. It’s about the same physical size, with a slightly poorer screen. More memory, faster processor, expandable with SD storage. (The Note has no SD slot however).

    It’s equally responsive. It makes phone calls and receives 3G/4G data, unlike the Touch. But the Samsung’s battery isn’t as good as Apple’s.

    The large phone you deride so makes lots of sense too many people. Large hands, poor eyesight, those needing more content… the list goes on. I wouldn’t mind owning one.

    Why do so many of you want to mock what you haven’t used?

    • Anonymous

      Yes.  NBA players and NFL linemen will love this phone.  I see a Yao Ming endorsement in the near future to sew up the China market

    • Zippity

      Go to youtube and look at one or two reviews of the Galaxy Note. Some of the more skeptical reviewers were won over after using it a few days.

      A phone like this makes sense to me if it can replace a phone, music-movie player, and email reader.

      You can ignore the stylus completely and only use the touch interface.

  • Zippity

    I meant to say it runs Gingerbread, not Honeycomb. Oops.

  • Anonymous

    For most iPhone users, their iPhone is the biggest phone they have ever owned. They put up with its large size because of all of the things it can do. They had a RAZR and then an iPhone and what they want in a future iPhone is for it to be smaller than the RAZR, not for it to become as big as a World War II walkie-talkie. Like this Samsung.

    • Patanjali

      That was before the web!

      I had a Razr, and I liked that I could fit it in my card wallet. But you couldn’t look at any web pages on it, so that it had a tiny screen was fine.

      Move forward a half decade and having a phone that I can sketch my ideas with as I get them and browse the web easily while out and about in one device is great.

      It is only 23% larger than an S2, and is easy to hold against the face with open fingers, rather than gripping a 4s tightly with my fingertips. I think many who bought an S2 might have found them more comfortable to use. One size definitely doesn’t fit all.

      I know you are speaking for yourself, but don’t intimate that no one else wants something bigger, or doesn’t do thing different from you.

  • elithatninja

    Samsung’s huge plastic phones are the wave of the future. NOT!

  • Zeek

     Gee, a STYLUS with the phone.  Great!  I’ve been missing my Palm Pilot.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the cold war era joke about the Soviets boasting that they have built the World’s Largest Microchip.

  • krazyfrog

    This is the phone that comes with the stylus. I don’t know of any other Samsung smartphone in recent times to have a stylus. 

  • Anonymous

    So Samsung are doing portable plasma TV’s now?

  • Everybody knows this is trick photography, right? The hand on th e right is a bit closer to the camera than the hand on the left, as evidenced by the larger shadow of the right hand, and it’s distance away from the hand.

    Love my iPhone, but just sayin’.

    • FAIL! Cult of Mac has a pic of it too. It’s not trick photography. It’s just a stupidly large phone.

    • I can’t believe a designer would post something like this. 😀

    • porcupineSalad

      You can check it out on phone-size.com if you’d like to see a neutral comparison: http://phone-size.com/?s=1%2C6 That’s 5.3 inches of screen. Yeah, really. The thing is huge!

  • ChodTheWacko

    The note is surprisingly pocketable and light.  Those who mock the size simply haven’t used it.  I’ve had one for 3 months.  It does require two hands for some stuff, but after moving to the Note from my 3.8″ mytouch 4g screen…… I’ll NEVER get a smaller screen.  I’d say 95% of what I do is 10x better with a larger screen. 

    Web/games/video/navigation/typing….. it’s no contest.

    Awkward to use as a phone?  Not at all, believe it or not.  And besides – who talks on their phone anymore?   Everyone I see is texting.  

  • Someguy

    “super-size” my phone.. oh, and i’ll take fries with that!

  • Patanjali

    That’s the theory, but it sounds like you are so blind that you couldn’t tell the difference anyway.

    Theory and implementation are two different things. I buy based upon the implementation, rather than the white papers!

    If it does what it is expected to do, and looks good doing it, then it is worth it.

    • Adams Immersive

      The photo I linked to is not a white paper, nor a theory. It’s an actual photo of the problem with Pentile displays. I’d look at that photo before you buy something. And as bad as that looks, that’s just when it’s compared to another low-DPI Android phone. Compared to a smooth high-DPI iPhone retina display, the Pentile texture would look even worse.

      On top of which, compare Samsung’s AMOLED displays to Apple’s LED-backlit, when used in sunlight; here’s another photo (not theory): http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/iPhone4-vs-GalaxyS-direct-sunlight-540×457.jpgThe Samsung is, however, bigger! 🙂 That’s sometimes a minus, but yes, sometimes a plus. If you feel the Samsung is the right choice for you, enjoy it and don’t worry if others find something else to meet their needs better.

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  • PatanjaliS

    But then don’t spread lies.

    Have you actually seen the Note’s display?

    Basically, if the pixels are not discernable at the usage distance, then it has a ‘retina’ display, regardless of the technology or the brand!

    And the pixels are not discernable on the Note at 14″ which is the distance at which I use it. So what difference pentile? Nothing!

  • PatanjaliS

    What a bunch of pussies the iPhone bunch responding on here.

    Seem to have an issue with anything different from what they have emotionally invested in.