Super Bowl prop bets

One of the ways to make your Super Bowl party even more fun is to play and place a bunch of prop bets.

A “proposition bet” usually means a side bet often made in conjunction with a sporting event but one that does not directly depend on the game’s final outcome. So for example, you can make these bets whether you are a Giants or a Patriots fan and still cheer for your team to win.

The Canada based online gambling site Bovada has some bets you can make with family and friends. You can make the bets on their web site but it’s probably less illegal if you just do it among the people at your party.

Bovada has obvious bets like “Who will be named Super Bowl MVP?” and “Who will win the coin toss?” but they also have some fun bets like “Which team will get into the Red Zone first?” and weird bets like “How many times will Andrew Luck be mentioned on TV during the game?”

Prop bets are a fun way to keep people involved in the game while they wait for the commercials to play.