Apple will not hold an event in February

A number of news outlets picked up on a rumor from a Japanese blog this morning saying that Apple would hold an “unusual” event in February.

This is not going to happen, according to my sources. Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. That’s it.

  • Given the track record of Macotakara, I’m going to listen to the beard and go with that!

  • Macotaqueria

    I appreciate you debunking this, but I am just deeply fascinated that Apple not having an event is now newsworthy. I heard Apple isn’t having an event tomorrow either, this is an exclusive rumor from sources close to my toilet and possibly in my imagination.

    I mean, this is slightly better than the fabricated story from BGR yesterday of their picture of a photoshopped debugger showing the iPad 15 Prototype LTE 5G iPhone 7 Jonathan Gellar Bullshit+ Edition Exclusive to Sprint Pageview Generator, but come on Macotaqueria… mmm taquerias…. tacos… mmmmmmm lunchtime…

  • Always bet on beard!

  • Canucker

    Asked for official comment, an Apple spokesperson denied the  existence of February in an non-prejudicial manner.

  • Jake

    When can I expect an iMac refresh? Been waiting for about 3 weeks to get one. 

    • Jake! What up dogg it’s B. Dansby

      • Jake

        Ben! I need an iMac and in getting antsy. How’s sf?

        • Peterhgdietrich

          Me too!! want new iMac now…

  • Matt_99_hey

    No one cares.

    • Anonymous

      you care enough to read and reply though.

  • They may be doing it just for fun. One other possible purpose for someone outside Apple saying that an event will happen when one isn’t is to affect the stock price.

  • Steven Fisher

    Interestingly, Gruber says (or jokes?) he got an invite:!/gruber/status/165171184491708416

    • Surly Driver

      Daht’s da jhoke.

      • Steven Fisher

        Yeah. The “No shirt no shoes” thing was a bit too subtle for me to be sure it was a joke. 🙂

  • behindthpen

    outside of their shareholder meeting on Feb 23rd …

  • Macotakara are one for six rumor-wise, in our coverage of them at and this latest “rumor” is simply a rehash/repeat of one we debunked in mid-January. The only one they got half right was the sale date of the “iPhone 5/4S”.