Apple Scotland: Having a wee bit of trouble

Certainly not safe for work or kids, but I laughed so hard.

  • When we make a phone that can transcribe this, the singularity isn’t far off:

  • Not only is this enormously funny, but the guy even looks a bit like my former creative director.

    Who, for the record, never got this angry, at least with a Scottish burr.

  • Alex

    The original ( uses a lift instead (from before siri’s time) – but is even funnier

    • Jock

      Agree, burnistoun in the voice recognition lift much funnier. And a real Scottish accent. Gaun yersel’

  • Xvxcv

    Not safe for work? seriously? This is funny. I will probably play it on the big screen at the office tomorrow.

    I’m so glad I don’t live in a country where a funny video is “not safe for work”…

    • someofparts

       Where do you live, so I can move there?