RIM’s comic hero saviors

Good to see the new RIM CEO isn’t wasting his time on things that won’t make a difference.

  • Richard Grant

    So now they’re reaching out to the under-10 demographic.

    Well that’s cool. But shouldn’t the Team ave a mascot? How about a masked bulldog called Mike? Or a wily chimp named Jim? I just think it would make family IT chiefs take this more seriously.

  • D Pauw

    I like how the update explains how it was supposed to be “a bit of fun”. When I think fun, I think incomprehensible infographics. Well, I’m off to do a bit of light reading out of my Blackberry user manual.

  • Eddypoon

    The Incredibles! 

    RIM to hire Brady Bird soon.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…  Comic book heroes…  That’s what was missing…..

  • Wow, they’re even behind the times in their superheroes. Haven’t they heard Superman and Batman aren’t wearing their underwear on the outside anymore?

  • I just have one question: Why?