More details about open webOS emerge

Chris Ziegler for The Verge:

Following up on its December announcement that it would open source the platform — a last-ditch effort to make it viable — HP has gone into detail today on exactly when and how developers will be getting access to webOS code. The company expects the entire open sourcing process to be complete by September, while Enyo, the application framework that debuted on the TouchPad and underpins webOS 3.0, is available as of today along with related developer tools. When open sourcing is complete, the finished product will be known as Open webOS 1.0.

HP’s got a pretty interesting webOS development roadmap planned for this year – the company plans to gut some of webOS’s underpinnings and replace it with a Linux kernel, which will make it easier to get webOS onto a wider variety of hardware.

  • HP could do some amazing things to webOS, but it seems too little too late to me. Even giving it away for free, they are going up against Android which is well established and also free.

    Even if a company like Amazon or Samsung wanted to be free of Google’s control, they could just fork Android and make it their own (kind of like what Amazon already seems to be doing).

    It would be nice to see yet one more competitor to keep the competitive spirit flowing, but unfortunately I don’t see anything coming from this.