Apple announces special event in New York on Jan. 19

Apple on Wednesday sent out an invitation to The Loop and other media outlets to attend a special event being held in New York City next week.

Apple says the event will be about an education announcement and will take place on January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum. The event begins at 10:00 am ET and The Loop will have live coverage.

  • iphone 5? =( 

    • Bradley Rosenfeld

      Nope, try again.

    • Nope, Chuck Testa…

    • Anonymous

      Obviously they are going to call it the iPhone 6! 😉

      • Anonymous

        Hello, iPod touch 5th generation, DUH

  • Thomas Ferraro

    If they do not introduce a method of directly injecting knowledge into our brains: FAIL!

    • Guest

      If that were the case, Google would be just a few steps away from announcing a method of directly injecting advertisements into our brains.

  • Kiki

    ipad 3

    • Mary

      Nope, try again.

      • Marclck

        Sorry, Mary. I dont know what you mean by “Nope, try again.”

      • Marclck

        Sorry, Mary. I dont know what you mean by “Nope, try again.”

  • John

    Nope, try again.

    • Anonymous


  • Rich

    iPad 2S?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, try again.

  • Anthony

    Something related to iBooks.  My guess is textbooks available via iBooks for rental and/or purchase.

    • this would make me buy an iPad. I hate textbooks, and the cost of a full semester of ebooks+ the cost of an iPad is probably less than buying the physical pain in the butt books themselves! shaking my fist at college textbook publishers everywhere

      • Jeff

        I would agree there except e text books are not any cheaper.  Publishing companies have held the line there so far.

        • Chris B

          They are plenty cheaper when you start pirating them.

        • Erlend Ryvold

          As did software developers until Apple launch AppStore. It could be that the appeal of the iBookstore and the demand for digital textbooks just might push the publishing companies to change their practice

      • Anonymous

        Very little of the $100-$150 you pay for a printed textbook goes towards printing, I’d be surprised if it were more than $5 a book.

        • Do you have anything to back that up? I’d imagine it’s pretty expensive to print  a several hundred page, medium-format, hard-cover book, especially those with lots of color images. And the volumes are probably small relative to a best selling novel. Shipping, warehousing, and managing the supply chain surely add to the cost too.

          • ancientprof

            But there are economies of scale when shipping such vast quantities of books. Most of the price goes into paying development cost, i.e. how much  it costs for the author(s) and all editors to finish the book. That is a years-long process, and a very expensive one.

          • Lenny Sizzlack

            If Apple is trying to break into the text-book market they’re have to give them away.  But that’s part of Steve’s plan.  It’s discussed in the Bio.

          • John Gaskell

            No way. Huge markups in the prices. Printing and shipping is a HUGE cost for those texts. Plus, there are different versions for different states (like TX & CA). Although the cost is high for a good textbook writer, artists and editors, it isn’t 300% higher than any other high quality book (like photography, trade history, etc.).

          • Tim Goree

            Even if it were $20 per book, that’s still $80-$130 per book for their precious research.  The problem is that text book companies greatly over value the work that they do, and they also pay too much for content that they don’t develop, for people that dog and pony their stuff all over the place, and for “former teachers” to constantly redesign the format of their content without really changing the content in a meaningful way.  If they aren’t willing to give on price, college students and K-12 school districts alike will decide they don’t need them anymore and their market will disappear over night. I’m pretty much hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

        • Wrong.

        • Distribution would play a big part of the price. As would Kickbacks to Federal, State and Local certification bodies.

    • James Cavanagh

      In Steve Jobs biography, he said that he wanted to get textbooks onto the iPad, so that students didn’t have to carry all the paper textbooks around.  It was one of the projects he was still working on when he died.

  • There might be a contextual reason it’s in NYC. Perhaps a partnership with New York’s Department of Education.

    Also, the announcement art reminds me of Arthur Clarke’s “Childhood’s End.” All that’s missing is the UN building.

    • Anonymous

      The book publishing industry is in NYC. This is a textbook-related event.

      • Thanks. I never realized the two were totally separate businesses while I was working in one, the other, or both over the last couple of decades. 😉

  • Rodrigo

    iPad 2S (To Student)

    • Anonymous

      What part of “nope, try again” aren’t you getting?

      This isn’t a hardware announcement.

  • They’re bringing back the eMac!

    • Anonymous

      One of my clients still uses one running 10.3. Horrific.

    • Luis Masanti

      The producto to be announced is call the “ePad”!

  • Anonymous

    Beatles on iTunes U!

  • Anonymous

    Robot teachers.

  • Ruda88

    iWork ’12

    • Dorje Sylas

      And working a WYSIWYG export for the full ePub3 spec. What? I can dream.

  • Anonymous

    The Guggenheim is now being purchased by Apple and used as another iconic NYC Apple store (because the other three are always packed).  You’ll be able to buy coffee mugs in the gift shop that are shapped like the gug (as usual) but they will now have an Apple logo on them, too.

  • Robin

    Textbook deal announcement. Cheap textbooks on ipads.

  • Goat Pants

    The announcement of free textbooks that only work on iPads. The one-more-thing? They’ve been approved for use in all 50 states, ergo a national curriculum.

    • Anonymous

      You have it backwards. Making one book for both Texas and California is the PROBLEM, not the solution. With digital, you can make 50 textbooks and the students, teachers, and parents in Texas can see what has been censored from their book by comparing the California version.

  • Smorrison11

    If it’s textbooks that’ll be terrific! My next semester starts at the end of he month and I’m looking at a $1,000 investment this time. Come on Apple help me out here!!

  • Dugholes

    I say that is gonna revolutionize the old fashioned chalk boards each kid used to have in schools with the iPad for books, activities, writing, paper, etc.

    The trees will rejoice!

  • David Appelbaum

    its obviously an iChalkBoard 🙂

    for real though its a text book deal announcement.

    • Agree. One or more textbook publishers will announce a deal to put their textbooks on iPad to cut costs for students and improve profits for publishers.

  • The ad is done as chalk on a chalkboard, and the event will be held at a museum. It’s going to be something about education.

    • Steve

      Also the text says “Join us for an education announcement”.  That’s really the only clue you need.

  • I love surprises! Whatever they announce, the anticipation is always fun.

  • It could be a big expansion of iTunes U, and eBooks for academia at a greatly reduced price, direct publication of texts to iPads — it’s a book, it’s a slide show, it’s an animation…? A textbook as beautiful and useful as the Elements app? 

  • Chowney

    i work in building anchored by Houghton Mifflin. two guys in elevator at lunch hour today discussing where to stay in NYC next week

  • Kayakolic

    i hope something awesome and totally amazing is announced so off guard that the boys at the CES are doubfound with a serious “huh?! wtf just happened”…..! i really hope this happens just so that the legion remaining at apple after steve gets a well deserved thumbs up! 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s obviously going to be something concerning schools and education content.  Although, I’d rather Tim Cook just getting on stage to honor all of the teachers of the world and telling stories about when he was in grade school.  The tech press will forgive Apple and probably commend them to address these unsung heroes of our society.  Abuse of power? … Maybe.  But it would be so worth it.

    • Dorje Sylas

      Ya, how about getting some better deals on those education pricing and cleaning up the volume purchase program for iOS/Mac (what a nightmare). That would be some nice “honoring.”

  • Vesuvian

    And the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition is coming down just about then, I think…so the central hall will be available for a cool event. I’m a member and have my own questions…

  • Anonymous

    No hardware will be announced.

  • David Shanahan

    They’re bringing back the eMac!

  • Jakob

  • See, this is why we turn comments off.

  • The graphic seems to indicate that they bought ground zero and are going to build a very edgy building on it…

  • Anonymous

    Educate us about the features of the upcoming Apple TV? 

  • Coady Dibiase

    iWork 12?

  • Harm133

    Are they opening up their own university?!

  • Mohammadbinamir

    i think its an education app

  • A.SE7EN

    Apple TV

  • Asdjones

    Having owned a [small] publishing company at one time, my guess is that a biology book (heavy paper, lotso pics, sturdy binding and cover, gloss coating, etc., cost about $20–$25 to print if you are printing over 10,000 hardbacks. Price breaks are enormous as you hit each figure, like 100, 1000, 10,000. Paperbacks cost $2 at most with no pics, regular cover, after you print 1,000. Marketing (advertising and salesmanship) is the big, yet necessary, evil. Lot of money spent by publishers on end-capping a book, or getting it in “Our employee picks!” (which BTW has nothing to do with employees…has to do with $$$) like any business.

    Just my .02. Dr. Zest

    PS – My guess at Guggenheim is something in the ebook arena.

  • Did they invented new Apple Juice? 🙂

  • Devlin_du_GEnie

    @ancientprof Most college textbooks aren’t printed in vast quantities.

  • Basti

    new Mac OS X avaible in july like the year before

    • no, a new version of OSX is still a year away at the least.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope it will be something that does for electronic reference libraries what iTunes did for electronic music distribution, something to replace the e-library systems in universities.

    Using my university’s ‘Ebrary’ is a painful experience, with all the mishmashed user interfaces, crazy redirects, irrelevant portal pages and hidden search boxes.

    It makes it really hard to find the book or journal I want. It would be much better if it was designed by Apple.

  • AbdulGayoom

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