Kodak sues Apple, HTC


Kodak claims Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods, and some of HTC’s smartphones and tablets use Kodak patents for transmitting images. Kodak is seeking to prevent further patent infringement from Apple and HTC as well as compensation.

Kodak is on its last leg.

  • Ron Braithwaite

    This is so incredibly sad. I was a professional photographer for many years and am still semi-pro. 

    Kodak has some incredibly cool digital technology that they could be flogging to the various camera manufacturers, but they aren’t. Kodak has the technology to be wildly successful, but their management and their board is every single bit as incompetent as RIM. 

    So now, while they are shopping around their last little bit of potential salvation, their patent portfolio, they are suing everyone they can in order to boost the price of that portfolio. They /could/ be successful, but they have given up. 

    It’s just sad.