Acer commits most blatant ripoff of Apple yet

Acer came up with a good idea. Let’s put pics, documents and media in the cloud and make them available to all of your devices… oh wait, that’s called iCloud. No matter, we’ll just steal the idea and call it AcerCloud. Oh, and to save time, we might as well steal Apple’s presentation slide too.

Acer’s AcerCloud image:

Apple’s iCloud presentation from The Verge:

  • Acer or Samsung?  Hard to tell the difference anymore.

  • Moltz

    Oh, come on. They swapped the phone and laptop. It’s totally different.

  • I thought it was called DropBox.

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for Acer. It’s not because of this slide. It may be a ripoff of iCloud but anyone should know that it won’t fly. They’re a lousy OEM in a world that is increasingly dependent on software. They no longer matter and are just wasting money. No one buys an Acer product because it comes from them. They buy it for the price and use other services.

    • Anonymous

      “They buy it for the price and use other services.”

      Other services? What would those be? All the crapware they install on their computers?

  • Anonymous

    Cloud storage pre-dates Apple, so it’s isn’t akin to ripping them off.

    Not so fast, Acer: Stealing the slides, the name, and the overall look of the devices… that’s ripping them off.

    • Anonymous

      yes Cloud storage predates Apple, but Acer was interestingly ‘inspired’ to have a very similar name, features and presentation of details as iCloud. 

      Court of Law might say no charge, Court of Public Opinion is 100% guilty of copying. 

      • belton braces

        Did youactually manage to read the second of the  Jwcorey two-sentence post?

    • Drew
  • Isn’t Acer using Apple’s old font from the ’90s-early ’00s?

    • It looks similar to Adobe Garamond, but I don’t think that it actually is Adobe Garamond.

  • Enraging, yet hilarious.

  • I like how the slide feels cheap for a live presentation, anyway.

    The font face feels ill-chosen and too large. The cloud is goofy, cartoony. The devices aren’t lit appropriately for such a dark background. The black->blue gradient feels out of place (except for the fact they used a blue on their wireless icon), and it appears to highlight the text more than their devices.

  • uh huh

    Samsung, Acer – they all couldnt do the Jobs!!

  • GLaDOSsMailerDaemon

    Oh look!  It’s Apple’s icon for “Wifi” (and also Airport) flipped upside-down.

  • Figurative

    And it’s the 30-day feature specific to PhotoStream ™ that Acer’s ripping off.  

  • BP

    Their cloud looks like a white turd.

  • D-Bog

    The good news is that they used an upside down Airport logo in the middle. So yeah!

  • They even copied the Wi-Fi icon used by Apple and turned it upside down. And they accuse Apple of copying others…

    • You mean that one that RSS uses, but tipped on it’s side?

  • qka

    So Acer is going into the Android phone business? Or expecting success with Acer Android tablets?

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable….Absolutely shamess

  • Without trying to sound like a Grinch, ppl pls… years ago there were no patent wars from memory about companies copying IBM computers and producing PC clones (if I’m wrong I will eat my words); in fact there were a myriad of cloned PCs for some time. The problem I have these days is that people go nuts and cry foul whenever we see blatant copying… Yes its yet another cloud, yes its a copy of… or at least a mirroring of Apple demonstrations/presentations, yes it is blatant… but in essence who is it really hurting?

    Jobs presentation looked polished, whereas the Acer one looks distinctly Mickey Mouse.

    The problem I see for Acer is that their brand recognition for a product of this type is pretty well non-existent and therefore is doomed to fail like other droid based solutions.  I feel the best hope Acer has is to keep their cloud viable, is to use it as a means of doling out patches to fix their operating systems though as I assume they are using Microsoft, Android and whatever else, they are likely to get ice-cream sandwiches all over their faces as those software manufacturers fail to keep Acer up to date.

  • Majikthize

    Interesting that content stays on the device for only 30 days. For the casual user, this is a fail. 30 days in the cloud may be OK, but who wants to have to reload treasured photos of friends and family every 30 days? Why am I not surprised that a Windows reseller has given no consideration to how people actually use these things?