RIM cuts PlayBook price by $400

It doesn’t matter how much it costs, the PlayBook still doesn’t do anything.

  • People have, and always will be, willing to pay premium prices for premium products. Sure, brand equity is a small factor, but the reality is people buy iPads because they’re great. If the PlayBook was a truly great product, it would practically sell itself, just as the iPad does.

  • Anonymous

    You have to wonder about the logic of selling all models for the same price. In that situation, who would buy anything but the 64GB model? They probably have a ton of those that won’t move for anything more. Of course, one would wonder who would buy one at all….

    • When people are buying them to use as door stops, storage capacity doesn’t matter.

  • Vamsmack

    I’m waiting for it to drop to $99 then I will nail one. Purely out of curiosity however I wouldn’t part with anything more than $99.

    • His Shadow

      I agree, it would be worth having the device under certain circumstances and if one’s employer is still a Blackberry house it would be a great deal. But as I watch my own company go entirely iOS, I will shortly be without any good reason to buy a Playbook, even if it goes to $99 or lower…

  • I already have a USB Thumb Drive, it only cost me $4.99

  • CJ

    They should give them away free with a RIM phone purchase.  This would solve two problems: (1) playbook requires a phone to do email and (2) customer bleed

    • Vamsmack

      Even those people don’t want a PlayBook.

  • Anonymous

    So they basically increased the price of the 16GB model by $100 having dropped it to $199 like a month ago. This make no sense. (surprise).