GoDaddy loses 72,354 domains in five days


It looks like these PR moves to save face, and business, are completely futile. According to TheDomains, 21,054 domains were transferred away from Go Daddy on Friday alone. At $6.99 a pop, that would make for a loss of $147,167, not taking future renewals into account.

I started transferring my domains just before Christmas.

  • Kyle Russell

    I’m leaving as soon as my renewal comes up next week.

  • Mike McKaigg

    I lost my domain when I was slightly late renewing.  They put it up for auction and offered that I could buy the “domain buyer” service to help “possibly” get it back.  So, $10 for the domain, plus $80 so someone else can buy it for me???  Then some squatter in France bought my old domain for his “professional video equipment” website.  

  • I’m encouraging current clients to move their hosting elsewhere.

  • Anyone hosting with GoDaddy has no idea how bad off they are until they switch to another hosting company. It’s one thing to register a domain with them, but their hosting is just about as horrible a service as you can find.

  • I switched after the elephant shooting thing and haven’t looked back. The ignorance, misogyny and ruthlessness of GoDaddy was one thing, the constant stream of advertisements was another. It’s nigh impossible to opt-out of all the crap GoDaddy sends you.

    After a bit of deliberation and help from friends on Twitter I went with Hover and I couldn’t be happier.

    Oh and BTW, try deleting your GoDaddy account, that actually is impossible.