Solution for a stolen iPhone and iMessage

Lex Friedman discovers a solution for a problem discovered by Ars earlier this week that would allow iMessages to be sent to your iPhone even after it had been wiped:

Macworld can confirm that perhaps the easiest way to ensure that a stolen phone stops receiving iMessages is to remotely wipe the phone, and then call your carrier and instruct them to deactivate your old SIM. The third and final step? Activate a new SIM in your new phone.Completing those three steps—wiping, deactivating your old SIM, and then activating a new one—ensures that your iMessages will get sent only to you and your iOS devices, and not anywhere else.

  • Adam

    Except, isn’t that exactly what the people in the Ars article did? Phone was stolen, they remote wiped it, deactivated it with the carrier, then got (and activated) a new phone. Maybe I’m missing the distinction between that and Macworld’s recommendation…

    • Anonymous

      from the sounds of it, yes. That’s actually what it says they did and it didn’t work. 

      It sounds to me like it’s glitch in Apple’s system that isn’t recognizing that a device has been wiped and the Apple ID isn’t logged in on it. Apple is probably being mum about it because admitting the glitch might set the hacker hounds on the system trying to recreate it to use it for something bigger or badder. 

  • Anonymous

    The title linked article is about turning on the SIM Pin not deactivating the SIM etc.