Schmidt says Google tablet coming within six months

Chris Davies for SlashGear:

Google will begin promoting what could be the first official Nexus tablet within the next six months, according to chairman Eric Schmidt, the latest stage in the “brutal competition” between it and Apple. “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality” Schmidt told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sea, while also confirming that Google plans to leverage its voice recognition technology to better challenge Apple’s Siri.

We’ll see if Google has any better luck wading into the fray; so far, Android tablets haven’t had very much impact in the market compared to the iPad.

Hat tip: Engadget.

  • Anonymous

    Will it run Chrome and fit into the same niche as Google’s Chromebooks or is this strictly an Android device?  Now that I think of it, why does Google even have these two distinct platforms that seemingly don’t integrate at all?

  • Anonymous

    The HIGHEST quality, you hear me!

  • Anonymous

    The Italian Newspaper is Corriere della Sera. I think they don’t know what they do. they place money on the black and on the red, don’t care if they loose.

  • Anonymous

    I can envision the John Hammond character in Jurassic Park, “everything is top notch, we spared no expense”! I’m sure that whatever they eventually come up with will be in a lovely plastic shell and have some sort of wonky Google only feature that only Google understands and nobody else gives a shit about.

  • Anonymous

    Which generation of iPad will they be competing with 6 months from now?

    • Peter Cohen

      They’ll probably be competing with the first one.

  • If anything this tablet might have the best OS support out there, which counts for something. But if the want to build it to the “highest quality” they should be prepared to charge more than Apple does for the iPads.