Definition of an ‘Apple fanboy’ and those that use the term

Apple fanboy: Someone who is tired of technology being difficult and knows there is something better; someone that loves to get the job done instead of working on their machine; a person that isn’t afraid of breaking the status quo; someone that appreciates quality design and workmanship; a person that realizes cheapest isn’t always best.

Apple fanboys are commonly confused with the sensible people of society.

A person that calls you a fanboy: A person that can’t handle the fact that Apple, not Microsoft or Google, is the company that is bringing all of the above to the world. These people often hack their devices to make them look like Apple’s devices.

  • Well said. 

  • Nailed it.

  • haha, genius 😛

  • Guest

    Oh, quite true. I favored Linux until I realized that I spent too much time trying to make it look and behave like OS X.

    Didn’t really work, so I just bought a real Mac instead.

  • Albert

    Es la gilipollez más grande que he leído en mucho.

    • Anonymous

      Gilipollez, amigazo, is replying in a language the author can’t understand.

      • Guest

        Oh I see. Google translate is not buit-in into a Mac. An apple fanboy cannot use it

        • Guest

          Oh I see. Your device doesn’t have a built-in spell checker.

          • None

            Oh! I see. Siri would not understand the meaning of ‘buit’.

        • Player_16

          Oh I see. You have to use web-based tech for translations.

  • James

    That’s certainly what an Apply Fanboy likes to believe, anyway!

    • His Shadow

      Except for the fact that in common tech blogtard parlance, “Apple fanboy” is anyone, anywhere for any reason, who has bought an Apple product in the last ten years. The “Cult of Apple” and associated idiotic tropes have been used to explain everything from Apple’s cash hoard to it’s popularity to it’s unit sales as if a hard core audience of dedicated Apple fanatics are solely responsible for Apple’s global success.

      So yes, as a matter of fact, unless you also want to believe that Apple’s marketing VooDoo has magically made people buy things they don’t need, most “Apple fanboys” these days have just decided to move on from heartache and pain and buy a better product.

      • Max Power

        how can you seriously need an iPhone (or even always the newest one), an iPad, an iPod and a macbook pro, when all you really do with it is browse on the internet ? i know a lot of people with iPhones, and about 90 % of them own at least two more apple products who do essentally the same or are included in one another. and i am pretty sure there are a lot of people who would not buy a tablet/smartphone/overpriced laptop if it weren’t for the “fanboy” cult, simply because they don’t need the stuff. and success doesn’t mean your product is good (or the best/only thing to have), it only means there are a lot of people who like it. i simply don’t buy apple products because imo they are just overpriced. no matter what product, there is at least a cheaper or better (mostly both) alternative (and i don’t like the mac OS, but thats another thing).

        • inhales BWAHAHAHAHAHA… inhales again AAAAHAHAHAHAHA…

          Really? You really just made the “Apple products are overpriced and there’re better, or better and cheaper products out there” argument?

          Cheaper yes, I can go with that, but cheaper also means shittier in this context.

          I double-dog dare you to point out a better or better & cheaper alternative to the retina MacBook Pro, or even an iPad.

    • Player_16

      It’s not really a personal ‘belief’ as you seem to imply and nor is it a ‘like’. I really don’t like to be ‘negatively’ labelled as whatever but if it makes YOU smug, worm-n-fuzzy to sneak in a personal barb, fine; but be aware, such ‘snipes’ also ID’s you as someone that’s built a bit of ‘walled-garden’ around yourself and may be incapable of holding a civil diatribe without labels and attacks. Honestly, where do you get off?

      Go to The Register or c/net and read the comments (it’s mostly yoofs on c/net). It’s everything that was stated above. Ars Technica has everything in segments for those that want to read and discuss related topics and the flamers & trolls moan about Ars is an Apple site. You click on a Apple icon, it’s about Apple. Same for MS. Games; etc.

       It’s no ‘like to believe’; it is.

    • Darwin

      Thats what your Mommy believes.

  • PointingOutTheObviousBoy

    The problem is that when most people use “Apple Fanboy” as a derogatory remark, they’re aiming to deride someone who expresses their belief Apple can do no wrong, that EVERYTHING Apple does is worthy of praise, irrespective of any missteps or blunders that rational observers with a broader view of consumer technology might rightfully point out. In that case I can almost agree, except that the name-calling is silly and juvenile. I’m a hard-core Maccer and evangelist—always have been—but I could hardly be called a “Fanboy”. But that could be because I’ve always been the sort of guy who rather enjoys pointing out when emperors have forgotten their clothes.

    • His Shadow

       they’re aiming to deride someone who expresses their belief Apple can do no wrong, that EVERYTHING Apple does is worthy of praise

      There is already a term for those people. They are MacMacs. 

    • Jay Martin

      Unfortunately, your premise is flawed.  I don’t believe “most” of those comments are made to the unthinking. It’s actually relatively few in my experience but perhaps it has to do with where I get my news.

      I’ve seen way too many reasonable people called fanboys. And it seems pretty much to follow the guidelines expressed in this article. It started years ago with Microtards and has now spread to Fandroids (who seem to be mostly the same type of personality if not the same people). Just illustrating the counter examples… 😉

      • His Shadow

        I’ve seen way too many reasonable people called fanboys.

        Ah Yep. Go to some of the most egregiously stupid anti-Apple articles and try to correct a single factually incorrect assertion and see what it gets you…

  • In any tech-related discussion, the moment someone uses the term fanboy (unless actually discussing fanboys), I usually just ignore them and consider their side of the discussion null and voice. When people resort to personal attacks, it means they have no argument or no evidence to support their statements. They’ve essentially given up without conceding the argument.

  • Gesmithmd


  • Benjamin Arnold

    Isn’t a fanboy just a person who lost his objectivity on a certain topic, blindly believes it’s the absolutely best and takes criticism in his admired company/product personally?

    I am (currently) an Apple user and I’m often accused of being a fanboy, although I always tell people that not everithing runs smoothly all the time on a Mac or iPhone.

    Anyway, most people who call me an Apple fanboy are in fact just Google fanboys, which I i think is kind of funny 😀

  • Rounak

    “These people often hack their devices to make them look like Apple’s devices.” Win Win Win!

  • Christian Augustin

    Interesting how many people accuse Apple users of “fanboydom” whilst M$ is failing to suit the users needs and feelings … looks a bit like envy to me 😉

  • More often than not, Apple fanboys are converts. They used to be Windows users for years… then one day, they decided to try something different, and then they wondered why they didn’t do so before.

    Usually the people that call us fanboys have never tried anything else… they are so afraid to leave their little cocoon it’s not even funny. They will never understand that we are able to know which one worked best for us… We had a choice, and we took it. Them? They are stuck in Windows 95.

    • Anonymous

      I’m one of those converts. I used Windows PCs until 2004 then tried a Mac and I haven’t looked back since.

      Have you guys thought about why we defend Apple products so fervently? We don’t use them because we’re brainwashed…we use them because we LIKE THEM. We like the clarity and pure usability of their products. We enjoy QUALITY. We like being a part of a company that cares more about products than their bottom line.

  • Alan

    Another definition of Fanboy – “Someone who realised how good the Mac was before I did”.

  • Typical rubbish for Apple brainwashed people.

    • His Shadow

      Sure thing, fanboy.

    • Jay Martin

      Fandroid troll.

      See what I did there?

  • yeah right,

    fanboy = someone who, without using brains, defends his/her brand and/or throws enormeous amounts of money to it. No matter what brand btw..

    • His Shadow

      So everyone who decides to make full use of the ecosystem options of a specific product, be it hardware or software, is a brainless fanboy?

      If I buy a PS3, that’s just a purchase by a consumer. But if I buy a PS Move, a ton of FPS titles and extra controller as well as a camera and a Bluetooth headset I’m a brainless fanboy?

      Give your head a shake.

  • trollol

    Antenna… nuff said.

    • Antenna conspiracy… Apple sells 20 million of those supposedly faulty antenna iPhones.  Nuff said.

  • Apple fanboy = a switcher from Windows and Android devices; a consumer that can afford better than buying low-quality products; a consumer that always bought Apple products since year one; an Apple shareholder; also used as an derogatory term for Apple product users by those that can’t afford Apple products and hate to see Apple users enjoying themselves.

  • Lots of very different generalizations in this comment thread. Funny how so many people assume their personal experience constitutes universal truth.

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys thought about why we defend Apple products so fervently? We don’t use them because we’re brainwashed…we use them because we LIKE THEM. We like the clarity and pure usability of their products. We enjoy QUALITY. We like being a part of a company that cares more about products than their bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    I’m definitely too thin-skinned to engage in it all: I take it too personally.

  • A guy

    Oh for fucksake this is ridiculous. Apple, Microsoft, Linux…. who fucking cares. Grow up.

  • A guy

    This is self-important rubbish. Who cares whether you like Apple or not? Grow up.

    • It’s interesting to see a comment like “grow up” from a person who has decided to hide his identity.

    • Steven Fisher

      Nobody. Except, of course, when you say that anyone who disagrees with you needs to grow up.

  • Wow, that’s pretty biased, but true at the same time.

  • A guy

    Hey Jim! Thanks for deleting my comments that disagree with you! Good job!

  • Here you go, I fixed it for you:

    Apple fanboys:

    Someone who is tired of technology being difficult, don’t mind settling for a having less than the full potiential available to them,and know there is something older and well tested 2 years ago by windows and linux users; someone that loves to get the job done so they can get back to blindingly praising the cult of Apple, using great software that for the most part was made first on other platforms; someone that appreciates quality design and workmanship and don’t mind paying double just to get a nicer box around the old normal cheap hardware inside the box; a person that realizes cheapest isn’t always best but doesn’t know that niether is the most expencive, its just more shiny. ———————————————————————————-I don’t mind Apple, they make some cool things like the magnet in the power cords, and they compete so there are less of a monopoly. Apple pushed the market for more accessible OSes, and also made the music industry realize that you could make money selling digital copies of music without DRM.There are windows/linux OS there are just as easy as OSX now. The inside of a Mac is for all core hardware the same as in the tons of other brands it just costs more and you get fx. a 6-18 month older graphics card, pay more for memory (same brands as other PCs) pay more for HD/SSD ect. I have several times heard people the think Apple have completely different hardware inside the box compared to PC/Linux, its simply not true. I never understood the reason to pay 2 times as much for the same hardware wrapped in a nicer looking box, mainly because when I use my computer I don’t look at the box or the frame of the screen. When I stop using my computer, I don’t sit and look at it. Its a tool to me, not furniture.Tons of the cool programs you have on Apple was either made first on PC/Linux, and they have been on the PC/Linux a while longer. Yes there are exceptions, but take a history tour and see where all this nice software came from. I don’t think I even have to mention games, we all know that for a long time Blizzard games var a huge part of the small amount of games available on Mac.

    • Johan3

      Thank you sir, for this post

    • His Shadow

      Here you go, I fixed it for you:

      No, you went and broke it.  someone that loves to get the job done so they can get back to blindingly praising the cult of Apple,

      No wait, you didn’t break it, you are just an asshole.

      don’t mind paying double just to get a nicer box

      So, you are a cheap bastard AND bad at math. Mac hardware hasn’t been “double” anyone else’s hardware with equivalent features for years. And if you believe machined aluminum and glass gear that outlasts the competition by years is just “nice” you are a soulless cheapskate to boot.

      don’t mind settling for a having less than the full potiential available to them

      What the fsck do you know about potential? You get hung up on paying for quality, as if someone that does that is some kind of idiot. You want to buy disposable crap your whole life, you go right ahead. Please stop pretending that a system specifically designed to get out of your way and let you do stuff is denying your freedom to screw up your system and hand load drivers, as if the mindless annoyances that make Windows a pain and Linux a nightmare are the real work of computing. It’s not.

      • So I went and did a check, you are right, the mac laptops aren’t 2x as much:

        mac book pro 17″ i7 $2500dell XPS 17 $1329but on the desktop side its gets silly:Mac pro $3624Dell XPS 8300 $1400Mac has and older Xeon CPUDell has i7 2600Mac has ATI Radeon HD 5870 Dell has ATI Radeon HD 6870 Mac has no monitor and cd burner Dell has 23″ monitor and blueray and burnerYou still tell me that the Mac pro is worth the $3600?The “cheaper” hardware in the DELL is same brand CPU and graphics card as the Mac, just newer model. The main difference is the box. You can even get a apple monitor/mouse/keyboard for the leftover $2200.If you don’t like DELL, there are Asus, HP, Acer, Sony, ect ect. Sure its a lot easier to choose at the Apple shop because that’s another thing Apple is very good at. Small selection that fits a lot of users.You say windows is a pain, and Linux is a nightmare. That is mainly a user perspective that is hard to argue. I have tried mac OS, its nice but to me very restrictive, and there are software I just can’t get on the Mac. OSX is greatly inspired by UNIX/Linux with a different UI on top, so be grateful for UNIX.I’m not trying to piss you off, just showing you that calling me and cheap bastard and bad at math is not really true. 

        • His Shadow

          The Dell XPS that has a 1080 limit on it’s monitor with no 1920 x 1200 resolution option? That one? That still makes you add Bluetooth? Sure. If you place no value on a quality display and a a superior build quality, you can have your Dell. But just a few additions to get it closer to the MacBook and it’s over 1600. Again, not twice.

          And why would you compare desktops using the Mac Pro? 27″ iMac Quad core i5 starts at 1700. Why not start there? Because the Dell monitor that’s 27″ at 2560 x 1440 is over $1000?

          You can pull all the default configs from all the websites you want. You can buy a Gateway laptop and be throwing it away in 18 months. If you don’t want to pay Apple’s prices, no one is forcing you to do so. But please stop with the inane nickel and dime mentality that insists that Apple’s premium is not a result of added value and superior craftsmanship. Apple’s products are made better with better materials regardless of what you think of the importance of the CPUs. 

          OSX is greatly inspired by UNIX/Linux with a different UI on top, so be grateful for UNIX.

          Do you think it’s a surprise to anyone in here that OSX is a BSD based UNIX OS that was originally called NeXTStep?

          • I agree with most you say, sure Apple makes the cases with better materials. And there are bad pc brands.

            I’m fine with them making better cases for the laptops, and paying extra for that. I also thing the magnet in the power cords are brilliant.

            And my UNIX comment was because you comment about Windows and Linux being a pain and a nightmare, it could look like you didn’t know. Guess that’s not the case.

            The reason I didn’t compare to a iMac was that you can’t add/change as much to the inside as much as in a regular case. Its hard to fit 2 extra HDs and add a 2nd graphics card or exchange the one in the iMac. I rechecked and found a desktop Dell XPS for $1400 (no monitor), compaired to  iMac at $2949. For the $1500 left there should be enough for a very good monitor. I don’t think its ok to pay 20-50% more for the exact same CPU, gfx card, memory, panel in the monitor, hd/ssd, raid controller ect. just because its sold to you by Apple. Most of the electronic components inside are the same as in a lot of other products. I guess we disagree in what it is ok for Apple for charge you extra for. 

  • Awesome.   People who use the term to dismiss anything Apple are the types that get ignored and disregarded quickly.  These are not the types that make it in the IT world.  They are the wannabes or the types that cannot handle change.   They root for the “open” when it really isn’t, or stick to their granpa’s OS knowing they will never learn anything different.    

    Yea, those that abuse the term are the hypocrites and the ironic.  They troll and troll but in the end they lose. 

  • Anonymous

    Eh. Typing this on my macbook, but I’m not an Apple Fangirl at all. Annnd I kinda sorta hate fanboys/girls. The PC I used to own cost the same though, so the cheap thing is probably not always true to windows fanboys/girls either.

  • Guest

    Do not feed the trolls!

  • Grammar troll

    Definition of a grammar troll – me pointing out your grammar error of using “that” instead of “who” when referring to a group of people.

  • Wow, what a smug, smug post. I’ll give you that Apple does understand quality design and cheapest is not always best, but the rest is mostly fluff. Apple products are not easy, they are simple. Sometimes it can be a real pain to do exactly what you want. Apple also makes products that are drastically over priced. It’s gotten better in recent years, but the MBP 17″ is still a god damn rip off.

    Apple users are normal people who appreciate the design and build quality. Apple fanboys are Apple users that have become blinded to reality. They’re happy to brag and promote their love of Apple to make themselves feel big and special and snobbish. In a word, a hipster.

    Posted from my MacBook Pro.

  • Charles Sabin

    “A person that calls you a fanboy: A person that can’t handle the fact that Apple, not Microsoft or Google, is the company that is bringing all of the above to the world. These people often hack their devices to make them look like Apple’s devices.”

    i’m calling ‘them’ apple fanboy but i’m not like what you describe above

    Not True!

  • Shi054


  • Casper Bang

    OMG, you have got to be kidding. I get reminded why I should write a blog post highlighting all the UI inconsistencies and non-sense in OSX.

  • belton braces

    I agree to a point but suggest a different definition.

    A person that calls you a fanboy is an insufferable bell-end.(See comments posted thus far by those who feel personally aggrieved by the article).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, how insecure does one have to be to post in this blog?

  • UnwelcomeGuest

    What this tells me: A) Apple users have money B) Apple users don’t create much of the tech landscape C) Apple users are satisfied with what corporations feed them D) Android users (who greatly outnumber Apple users) create what they want when they want, and thus aren’t forced to live in a tech environment generated by the status quo.

    Apple fanboys just are too stupid to work with technology, and are also bad investors. I have spent a total of ~$200 on my hardware/software combo (which includes the cost of the actual device).  I get unlimited data, 4g, unlimited music (yes, any song I want whenever I want it). How much does an Apple fanboy spend?  Let’s just say that the amount is obscene in comparison.  All I’m saying is when the money runs out so do the ideas.

    • BigBernard

      Tells me Ars Technica sucks dick.

  • Wwitb

    Should have been:

    Apple fanboy: Someone who is enamoured by a shiney device; someone that lets another with a PC get the job done (or secretely installs Windows 7 on their device and pretends they are still using a mac); a person that is paranoid about their personal image, and is extremely uncomfortable without an a logo or some branded merchandise around them; is a sucker enough to completely overpay for overpriced hardware using industrial design as an excuse, and then suffer the device for years, long after it’s completely obsolete, simply because they paid so much.A person that calls you a fanboy: A person that cares less about the platform, and is rather looking for function over form. These people often hack their devices to make them more functional.  They use features such as USB ports, secondary storage, and GPS endlessly.  They don’t want to be told what to do, nor by whom.  They see technology, generally, as an blank canvas without contraints.

  • fanboy: love beyond reason, lost objectivity, no critical thinking.

  • Alexandra H.

    I’m kind of agnostic and unfaithful when it comes to devices and operative systems. I gladly use “fanboy” for any user that won’t discuss pros and cons of their favourite device reasonably. With reasonably, I mean: accept facts or argue why they are wrong, don’t use words like “best” or “bad” without telling people why and, finally, don’t tell people that they are wrong in not choosing your device.

    To me, this group seems a bit overrepresented among the Mac users I meet. I have no idea why, actually. Being in love with your device (perfectly reasonable) doesn’t mean you have to believe it is without faults in every aspect.

    I often feel frustrated discussing things with fanboys. I know what I personally want, I’m usually well researched, and I don’t want to hear that I’m wrong unless there’s some facts to back that up.

  • Michael Smith

    Yes, I can see how the sensible people in society might confuse an Apple fanboy.

  • Thanks. Now can someone please carve that definition in stone?

  • daily fix

    Wow. nice said. but now you’ve got to define “PC Fanboy” and those who are calling the others “PC fanboys”…:)

  • guest

    Dude, what are you drinking? the ‘Apple’s Elixir for Fanboys’?  It’s tag line says “drink a bit of this each day, and you’ll not notice how it crashes and has malfunctions same as any other not-apple device”. 

    You drink a full bottle each day, don’t you? BTW, this beverage is insanely expensive, but the bottle has a so cute design! The package worth is price, right?

  • Bhowe162

    I keep getting Samsung fanboys confused with Apple fanboys. They both have 4 limbs, a mouth, two ears, two eyes, and even a nose. Someone should really take them to court to stop the confusion

  • Dazz

    This is wrong…your first paragraph describes someone who knows that apple technology is well designed and works. An apple fan boy is someone who ‘no matter what’ buys reliogously apple products regardless of if they are suited to their needs and queues up for 24hr to get their hands on a phone so they can show it off to their mates. I own apple computers but have a gs2 for my phone as it had what I required.

  • SirWallyWombat

    Meh, sounds more like a biased opinion. Most of us use the term “Apple FanBoy” to describe someone who dislikes hearing talk of anything that isn’t apple made, many apple fanboys even go so far as to insult DOS (this is usually the 16 and younger kids who don’t know what DOS stands for).

  • Jerichom11x

    Status quo? Everyone has a MacBook and iPhone. They are by far the most mediocre piece of tech you can buy. Design quality? I had a MacBook pro. It overheated even when it was just on safari because of bad ventilation. I sold it and bought an Alienware. A proper laptop. I don’t regret it at all. A fanboy is someone that is ignorant, bias and just to conclusions without proper evidence. Apple users are like Americans. Full of themselves even though nobody likes them. Goodnight..

  • the voice of reason

    The problem i got with apple is the price, why would i pay twice as much for the same specs, “reasonable” people wouldn’t.

  • Rcr

    You have just said a big bullshit. Wake up people! iOS suck! stop being zombies going after Apple!

  • dirot

    i know that apple uses the same technology or whatsoever that the old OSes use. i’d pay 2 times the cost for something that looks good visually. on the apple, it’s not only the case, but have you ever noticed that their icon is attractivly designed? that’s what makes me say, apple sells design with technology. it’s art sort of kind, when it became art, people is willing to buy something beyond a reasonable price. is it? don’t you think why there are people who buy paintings that cost as nearly same as your house?

  • BigBernard

    What a load of shite.

  • Kyiv Shevchenko

    hm naaaaaaaaaaaaah i just cant handle a screen with less than 90% color gamut. also i like my battery to be removable so my laptop isnt guaranteed to die if someone spills something on it. and i like having a 3.5lb laptop with a full voltage i7. also i like user upgradeable gaming laptops. also if i want a laptop with quality design and workmanship i make the right choice and get a dell precision or an elitebook with military grade durability rather than some shiny aluminum bullshit that dents. also i like that if there IS something wrong with my UI, i can actually do something about it. etc.

    • TrollingTheTrolls

      “gaming laptop” LAWL

  • Dry grill

    i fans are so stupid that they are funny

  • Googi

    Stupid Apple Zombie!

  • guest

    You could also just refer to the synonym “snob”.