Logic Pro, MainStage released on the Mac App Store

Apple on Thursday released versions of its professional-level Mac music apps to the Mac App Store. The release of Logic Pro 9.1.6 and MainStage 2.2 marks the last of Apple’s apps to be released on the Mac App Store.

Apple priced Logic Pro at $199 and MainStage at $29.99. Users that purchase either app will also be authorized to download Apple’s sound library, consisting of six Jam Packs, sound effects and other media. There is about 25GB of media in the sound library. You can also download the sound library content later from within the app itself.

Both apps released on the Mac App Store have been updated to new versions — Logic Pro received some minor bug fixes, but no new features.

MainStage 2.2 now takes full advantage of Macs with four or more processor cores and has added support for more MIDI devices. The interface has also been rebuilt make some elements a bit larger.

Apple will release Logic Pro 9.1.6 as a software update, allowing current users of Logic Studio to run the update. However, MainStage 2.2 is a new application and will not be released as an update for existing users. If you want the update, you will have to buy it from the Mac App Store for $29.99.

Apple said that Logic Studio would continue to be available from its online store, but the company will no longer be sending boxed versions to any retail locations.

As part of the move that brings Logic Pro to the Mac App Store, Apple discontinued Logic Express. Losing Express isn’t a big surprise considering you can buy Pro for the same price.

Most of the other apps that make up Logic Studio are also going away. The functionality of Soundtrack Pro has been built into Final Cut Pro X, so it will not be available on the Mac App Store. Compressor is already available on the Mac App Store as a separate purchase and you won’t be able to download WaveBurner. The functionality of the Apple Loops Utility has been built into Logic Pro for some time, so that app won’t be missed.

Of course, you can get all of those apps if you purchase the boxed version of Logic Studio from the online store.

While Apple had nothing new to say about Logic 10, the move to the Mac App Store is definitely a good sign for users. Clearly if the company planned to stop development of Logic, it wouldn’t move it to the Mac App Store.

  • This also suggests that the rumoured Logic 10 is still a while off. I’m kind of worried about buying without Apple providing a sane upgrade strategy here.

    • Angus

      I agree, I could be wrong here but I think Logic 10 was planned for a release at some point, but has been significantly delayed.

      I wish Apple would provide a license transfer path from CD -> App Store based installations.  Logic takes way too long to install from CD, being able to download the 55gb sample pack overnight instead of sitting there swapping in/out DVDs would be awesome!

      • I see a “19 gig in-app download” is available upon purchasing through the App Store. Sounds well short of the 55 gigs you’ve cited (though I’d need an HDD upgrade to take advantage of it, myself).

        • Nss6666

          There is an in app menu option that lets you download the rest….

          • Oh, I thought the in-app option was for the 19. Surely it’s not a 19 gig initial download?

          • No… the initial download is less then 500GB.

            I’ve bought MainStage (which is also a small download) and downloaded the Jam Packs overnight. Works perfectlly 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Ever hear of the thing called “DISC IMAGE”??

        • Angus

          Yup, if I hadn’t ditched Logic Pro for Ableton Live I might have bothered.

          • Anonymous

            LOL… bravo. Slick move. My condolences.

            That’s like moving from Final Cut to Magix. :-))))

  • I hadn’t considered the possibility of WaveBurner being scrapped. I use it all the time to make CDs of concerts I record for people. That will be a big drag for me, but I guess Apple is done with optical media so screw me.

  • Punxpunx22

    apple can kiss my ass!!

    • Anonymous

      We’re all pretty sure that you not only would LOVE that, but are also in dire need of it, yes. Sad troll.

  • Jim… if you are a Logic 9 boxed software owner is there anyway that you know of to start getting your updates from the App Store rather than the software update??

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, no. Apple expects you to buy Logic all over again, and there’s no discount at all for existing users (the App Store doesn’t support anything like that). And now you have to buy MainStage separately, since it’s no longer included with Logic.

  • Joe

    I was a little worried they’d require Lion for this, but they don’t, it’s still 10.6.8 or greater.

  • Anonymous

    “The functionality of Soundtrack Pro has been built into Final Cut Pro X… ” LOL!! Where do you get such utter BS??

  • Anonymous

    Turns out you don’t get the MainStage 2.2 update if you got it as part of Logic Studio. The new version is only available for people who bought MainStage separately on the App Store.

    Bit of a dick move on Apple’s part. There are some new features, but hardly enough to qualify as a major upgrade. MainStage was a nice bonus in Logic Studio, but I’m not paying $30 for it.

  • Anonymous

    One thing that would alleviate my concerns about this whole fiasco is if I could turn in my old XSKey for a store credit that allows me to re-buy Logic 9 through the App Store and start getting updates through there. I paid $1200 for Logic Platinum 5, $200 for the EVP88 plugin, $250 for the EVD6, $200 for Logic 6, $300 for Logic 7, and so on and so on.

    By now I’ve paid 10 times more than anyone who bought it after they drastically dropped the price around Logic 8, and now they expect me to buy the whole thing all over again (and get nickle-and-dimed on all the accessory apps that used to be part of the boxed set) through the App Store. Granted, these apps cost a small fraction of what they used to, but I still feel like I’m getting ripped off here.

    • Software upgrade pricing is a thing of the past. Get used to it. The price to buy it new is less than the price of some of the previous upgrades.

  • Jeremy

    Hello Guys. Apple has just halfed the price of logic. Is anyone going to say well done?????

    • Steven Bannister

      Well done! 

  • Neill2965

    I just moved from Logic to Studio One, I got tired of the secrecy and the lack of support and attention Logic was getting.  But here is an interesting point regarding the possibility of Logic X for those who are waiting patiently.  When Studio v1 was on it’s last legs and v2 was on the horizon, Presonus offered Studio One at half price, then instead of a free upgrade for recent buyers, the upgrade price was the same for everyone.  This is a smart business move if you’re trying to attract new users.  So who knows maybe this is the reason for the price drop of Logic 9.  Again it doesn’t matter to me, I’m in a happier place now.

  • ilya

    where can i find my serial number for mainstage and soudtrak pro? i have baught logic x pro and it came with it, from app store and i have no idea where to find the serial number? pleasse help