∞ China to cancel jobless college majors

Laurie Burkitt, for the Wall Street Journal:

China’s Ministry of Education announced this week plans to phase out majors producing unemployable graduates, according to state-run media Xinhua. The government will soon start evaluating college majors by their employment rates, downsizing or cutting those studies in which less than 60% of graduates fail for two consecutive years to find work.

Either that, or build more Starbucks.

  • Anonymous

    I dislike communism as much as the next man but I have a hard time disagreeing with this measure. The world is in a major shift where it comes to its workforce. The blue collar jobs are disappearing.

    I remember stories my grandfather told me of getting a job easily with a HS degree and being able to get a house and support a family. Those days are long gone. It’s even hard for some college grads to find good work.

    • I can’t disagree more. Universities are not vocational schools or community colleges. Their function is not just to pump out employable graduates. The main point of a university is to do research and advance human knowledge. Sometimes that doesn’t show up in employable jobs until much much later, if al all. But that doesn’t mean society doesn’t benefit from it.

      Imagine where the technology industry would be today, if universities cancelled their electrical engineering programs in the 60s and 70s because “there weren’t enough jobs.”

    • I think Kevin hit the nail square on the head. By trying to streamline educational offerings, they’re limiting future potential by telling people that creativity and personal interests doesn’t matter.