∞ Louis C.K.: 'The next Steve Jobs will totally be a chick'

Louis C.K., for Fast Company (as told to Nancy Miller):

The next Steve Jobs will totally be a chick, because girls are No. 2–and No. 2 always wins in America. Apple was a No. 2 company for years, and Apple embodies a lot of what have been defined as feminine traits: an emphasis on intuitive design, intellect, a strong sense of creativity, and that striving to always make the greatest version of something. Traditionally, men are more like Microsoft, where they’ll just make a fake version of what that chick made, then beat the shit out of her and try to intimidate everybody into using their product.

The ascerbic comedian gives us his observations of female culture, as the father of two young girls.

(Hat Tip: Steve Streza)

  • Steve Jobs

    No. Just no.

    • Superstarseven

      That’s oh so clever.

  • His Shadow

    Who needs the execrable trash that passes for tech punditry? Apparently Louis C.K. has it all wrapped up.

  • Guest

    Guys, relax. He’s not a tech ‘pundit’. He’s just a stand-up comedian using another industry to create a bit in his shtick and express his view that most men are big pieces of shit and most women are still taken advantage of.  It’s his job to comment on society.