∞ FCC chairman throws up AT&T/T-Mobile merger roadblock

Brad Molen, for Engadget:

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski issued a draft order this morning that calls for a hearing to take the AT&T / T-Mobile merger before an Administrative Law Judge. Such a hearing, reminiscent of the one held for the attempted buyout of DirecTV by EchoStar in 2002, would be held once the Department of Justice’s litigation is complete and would certainly be another blockade for AT&T to push through.

It seems that this merger is being contested at every possible turn, doesn’t it?

  • Yeah, the merger would be bad for competition… so let’s sit by and watch TMobile go down the drain in the US until there are only two and a half carriers available instead of a full three. Then we can sit by and watch Verizon and AT&T fight over the spectrum for five years while everyone suffers from the lousy data speeds and coverage as more and more smartphones enter the market.