∞ BlackBerry 7 sales already slowing


Sales of Research In Motion’s new BlackBerry 7 smartphones have slowed in recent weeks as competition from Apple’s iPhone 4S and Android phones heats up. In a note to investors on Friday, Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley noted that RIM’s new smartphones are not faring well ahead of the holidays. “Our recent checks indicate slowing sell-through trends for the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones the past couple weeks,” the analyst wrote. “Further, with the launch of the iPhone 4S, increasingly price competitive Android smartphones, improving Windows smartphones, and the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, we anticipate increasing competition across all tiers of RIM’s products in C2012.”

Maybe if they gave away BlackBerrys at McDonald’s drive-thru.

  • jpmhughes

    “Maybe if they gave away BlackBerrys at McDonald’s drive-thru.”

    In kids meals! Although they would probably opt for a toy figure instead.

  • Anonymous

    Poor RIM they got too cocky and now they cant even give away their phones

  • Jim, your obsession with banging on RIM at every opportunity is comical; but at some point people are going to call you on kicking a wounded & dying dog.

    Until that time though, all I have to say is “Muahahahahahahaaaa!”

    • Frank

      Perhaps they’ll call upon Jim to issue he “final shot” (Old Yeller reference). Unlike the reaction to Old Yeller though, no tears shed but beer and cheers abound 😀