∞ Navigon iPhone navigation map app sports new interface, features

Navigon GmbH on Thursday announced the release of Navigon 2.0 for iPhone, a major new release of its navigation app that touts a new user interface and many new features and enhancements.

The new interface was developed to help accommodate many new features added to the software since its original release. It’s more modular, as well – users can pick which maps they need on their iPhone – users who own the USA version can pick states they need now, then download others later. Navigon says this helps iPhone owners conserve space and simplifies the process of updating the app later without having to reinstall maps. Navigon 2.0 adds quarterly map updates with new points of interest and other changes which have been field-verified.

Other changes to the interface include animated menus, new multi-touch user gestures, menu changes, a new Actions menu that lets you quickly access points of interest search and social network postings, and a new look that displays the map in the background when you’re accessing menu pages. Rotation and zoom has been improved when in 3D mode, and it’s easier to tap points of interest and add them to a route.

The 2.0 update is free for registered users. What’s more, Navigon is selling its North American apps and selected in-app purchases for up to $25 off until the end of November.

Navigon is compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, it looks like future map updates are now going to be an in-app purchase. I do like the idea of only loading the maps you need. I have the North American version but since I live in Ontario I really only need that and New York State for 99% of my use so not having the other provinces and states will definitely free up some space.

  • Be careful – the New Navigon iPhone app deletes your Recent Addresses and Favorites. 🙁 It also won’t let you register unless you give permission for them to use your data. FAIL

    • Puneet Khanna

      I upgraded, and all my recent addresses and favorites are intact.

      Also, I don’t think I had to ‘register’ anything. Just upgraded, downloaded maps and was good to go. If by ‘use your data’ you mean anonymous location data to add to traffic information pool, you have the option to not upload your information in the settings.

      • “I upgraded, and all my recent addresses and favorites are intact.” Interesting. Here’s my take on it (with pics of empty Favorites and Registration screens) –  http://4ma.me/341 . Did you see that Registration warning?