∞ Kindle Fire 'fails at almost everything'

Peter Ha at The Daily:

Like most convergence devices before it, the Kindle Fire doesn’t do anything exceptionally well (except for buying things via Amazon) but the price is right at $200. Buyer beware. Perhaps the rumors of this model being a stopgap before the real Amazon tablet is released next year are true.


  • I’ve heard that the “real” Amazon table will be realased the same time the “iPhone 6” will be out 🙂

    Seriouly, I think that Amazon will come out with a 10″ tablet at some point.  But to call it at stopgap is just silly. Did he call the iPhone 4S a stopgap too?

  • Peter Ha

    No, I didn’t call the 4S a stopgap because it’s not.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that a lot of folks that are dissing the Fire are looking at it as an iPad killer. Which it is not and I don’t think was ever trying to be. 

    Look at it as an ebook reader and media player optimized for a particular eco system with a little web browsing and a handful of top games. Created for those that feel they don’t need a tablet that can cure cancer, fly a plane or ring up sales at the charity bake sale. That seems to be what it was designed to be and the audience it was designed for. Now looking at it that way, how terrible is it. 

    • Peter Ha

      Any reviewer who compares the Kindle Fire to the iPad shouldn’t be trusted. They serve two different purposes.

      It’s a terrible device. Read the rest of my review.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s a matter of getting what you pay for. It’s $200 so you can’t expect to get something equal to an iPad 2 for $300 less. I’m sure it will do well, especially in the US where the Amazon ecosystem is so well developed.

    Although, to be honest (and I never thought I’d be saying this), with the 16GB Playbook hovering around the same price point these days ($198 @ Walmart in Canada) you’d have to wonder if that might not be a better choice for those outside the US if they want a 7″ content consumption device?