∞ Apple releases iTunes Match

Apple on Monday released a new version of iTunes that includes iTunes Match.

iTunes Match will set you back $24.99 per year. The software scans the content of your music library and matches it to the music available on the iTunes Store. Music that doesn’t match is automatically uploaded, so you can play any of your music on any of your iOS devices.

Your iTunes music will also be available from your Apple TV, as you can see from these screenshots. Apple missed its self-imposed deadline of October 31 for the release of iTunes Match, but typical of Apple, the company releases products when they are done, but not by deadlines.

You can download the new version of iTunes from Apple’s Web site. It isn’t available via the automatic software update in OS X yet.

  • I hope Apple is able to get the right deals in place to bring iTunes Match to  international countries soon. Would love to use it over here in Sweden. 

    • Seth Dillingham

      Daniel, let’s first hope this rollout goes smoother than the iCloud rollouts. Sometimes getting things later is better.

      • Canucker

        The iCloud rollout was peachy compared to Mobile Me.  In fact I’ve had no issues with iCloud. Hope your’s are resolved soon.

    • Anonymous

      Me too in Hong Kong

  • imagine the iTunes servers will be busy tonight. finally done by Apple Kudos

    • Temporarily unavailable to allow new subscriptions… damn already.

    • Kudos cobblers! It’s no damn use to me because I am not a US resident. It ain’t available here so it ain’t gonna work.

  • Anonymous

    Considering that iTunes is the smallest catalog on the internet for number of music title available, this would be the last place I’d want this service from.

    • Canucker

      Considering that iTunes is the largest legal catalog on the Internet for the number of music titles available…..  there, fixed it for you.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, are you kidding?  Zune has a bigger catalog than iTunes does.  You drink too much “coolaid”

        • Canucker

          Both the Zune Marketplace and iTunes have around 14 million songs although not all of the 14 million are available from Zune MP at any given time. iTunes is not the smallest catalog.

        • Anonymous

          As a person who used the Zune marketplace (and a WP7) device for quite some time, this is false. They’re pretty equal.

          Also, using the kool aid argument? GTFO troll.

          • B1uedeath

            exxodium, stop being a noob. rofl.

    • Dan Andersen

      iTunes has the LARGEST catalog on the Internet for the number of music titles available–more than 18 million tracks available in the U.S. store.

      • Anonymous

        Another clueless person.  Sorry, but iTunes has a problem with record labels and artists keeping songs away from iTunes.  Even the belegered Zune has more songs available, not to mention Amazon’s increasing number of albums.

  • Gpanderson

    What exactly is the benefit here? Can’t i just load the music i already paid for onto all my devices with a cable?

    • Anonymous

      If your device has the storage capacity, and if you don’t think you’ll ever be out and about and want to hear an album that you don’t currently have synced to your device. Personally, I was holding out for a 64GB iPhone but now that iTunes Match is here, I might be content with a 32GB or even a 16GB iPhone.

    • The nature of your questions indicate your lack of understanding of the ‘Cloud’ architecture. Your questions would be like asking what the benefit of email was when you can just write your message on paper and send it in an envelope.

    • Anonymous

      Say you have loads of music, and a lot of it was ripped poorly and at a low bitrate, like 128Kbps MP3’s for instance. Sure you could set aside a month and rerip it all yourself, but $25 sounds like a good price to get someone else to do it. And hey, maybe you don’t have all those old CD’s lying around anymore so ripping it yourself isn’t even an option.

      Oh look, that one single my friend dropped on my computer one time is now legitimately mine.

      Hoping this makes it to the UK.

  • The big problem ahead for international deployment is that the Majors are still dickheads in addition to the fact they take a sadistic pleasure to re-negotiate the rights for each and every country (I’m sure they would negotiate separately for each city if that was possible, and even for each individual with functioning ears, or even deaf people…).

    I’m in France so I might be in the last country where those dickheads would give the go ahead…

    • Right with you there, dickheads is the word. I am in Australia and we never seem to get anything when others do.

    • Dennis

      I’m from Germany and here the biggest problem is not any Music label but the GEMA. Will probably take years to get iTunes Match here.

      • Yeah I forgot about those, We’ve got equivalents in France : SACEM (French professional association collecting payments of artists’ rights and distributing the rights to the original songwriters, composers and music publishers.)

        Last I’ve heard the SACEM wasn’t against a Global Licence, but with those guys you never really know what they want (versus what they say…)

  • Anonymous

    I have a question.

    If it’s $25/year, then if I choose to not pay the $25 next year, what happens to all my songs? I mean, I have them all now on all of my devices. If I pay for iTunes Match (supposedly to get better quality than I ripped from my old CDs?), do I revert back top the old crappy quality later?

    • Anonymous

      iTunes match is not local storage. When you play a song through iTunes Match, it plays from Apple’s servers, not any of your devices. So if you don’t pay, you simply can’t play from Apple’s servers. This does not affect any locally-stored music.

      • Brian Ansorge

        If if is playable (and it is digital) then it is “storable” locally. Just might take a while.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting in the UK. What’s the betting the Apple exchange rate for the dollar will be £1 = $1?