∞ Corporate necrophilia

Ina Fried:

RIM, for its part, says it has licensed Adobe’s source code and plans to continue supporting Flash on the PlayBook.

As Matt Alexander said to me today: “Dying companies working with dead products? It’s like corporate necrophilia.”

  • Ewwwwww…

  • Anonymous

    Yet another distraction from RIM’s core competencies (to be generous). Their lack of focus is astounding.

    • His Shadow

      A yep. Which makes you wonder if smartphones were even shittier than we remember that RIM carved out an empire under Microsoft’s nose if their internal processes were as disjointed as they are now.

  • Agree. By 2014 I think Adobe will not be around as an independent company anymore, if not sooner. http://bit.ly/swGX5T

    • There’s no doubt that the dumping of mobile Flash is going to have major effects in our digital world. But that doesn’t necessarily portend Adobe’s decline.

      Just the opposite. I think Adobe has finally learned its lesson, admittedly long after Apple’s stinging Flash rebuke, and after it’s gotten over the foul taste of crow.

      They’re simply cutting their losses and getting on with other projects, such as Edge, Muse, and the ever-evolving functionalities of Creative Suite.

  • Rampant idiocy paired with a false sense of responsibilty and nostalgia. Not a good combination.

  • Anonymous

    Well, they keep flogging the “uncompromised web” as a benefit of the Playbook and given the fact that it’s already a massive piece of shit I don’t think they’ll want to be lowering the bar further by eliminating Flash from the equation.

    If they did that they’d have to offer the same “compromised web” that Apple offers, cough, cough.