∞ Autocorrect bar in iOS 5

I don’t know if I’d like that or not.

Update from MacStories:

The OS already uses a similar (if not the same) system for the Japanese Kana keyboard, with text suggestions displayed in a bar that you can scroll

  • I was going to say it reminded me of the bar in Android from the couple of weeks I had an Android phone, but then I saw the headline of the article. Saved from exposing my own laziness again.

    I’ve gotten fast and accurate enough at typing on the on-screen keyboard that I never got a use out of the bar there. For people still hunting and pecking however, this might be of some use?

  • Yeah, they’ve had this in the OS since at least iOS2 or iOS3, since I’ve seen it for years on the Japanese keyboard I occasionally use (primarily for the ridiculous emoticons they have programmed into it, since I’ve forgotten most of the Japanese I studied at my university). It used to look different, however. Prior to iOS5, it was a right-pointing gray arrow that scrolled things to the right one item at a time, rather than the black arrow pointing upwards, and the entire bar was not as tall either, I believe.

  • ChristoDeluxe

    Like so many features on Android, it’s 50/50 in my experience.  When I’m typing poorly, its nice to have a bailout option that just types the word I meant with one touch.  But iOS’ spell correction usually catches my kind of typos, so the loss of another giant chunk of screen isn’t worth it.