∞ My iPad guitar setup

People have asked for my iPad guitar setup, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of what I use.

Many of the people that email me ask how I write songs on the iPad. The fact is, I don’t. The iPad for me is a scratchpad for ideas. I often sit and just jam — if something strikes me, I’ll press record, capture the riff and send it to myself.

Just like all of my other guitar gear, the iPad is a tool that I take advantage of. It allows me to play whenever I have a few minutes of downtime, without having to go into my studio.

The products I’m using right now are:

Taylor SolidBody guitar Ampkit+ Apogee JAM iPod headphones Very short guitar cable

  • It’s always fascinating to see the enabling technology get simpler to use. Thanks for posting these pictures, Jim.

  • Anonymous

    Are you going to try out the new Line 6 interface when it comes out? Have you heard any more on the release date? I’ve got to find something else besides the iRig; too noisy and too low gain.

    • Anonymous

      You might want to look at Apogee Jam and Sonoma WireWorks GuitarJack.

  • That is a nice setup. Very portable. Makes me want to get a iPad.

  • Frank

    Thanx Jim. Apogee JAM will a great X-Mas gift for my bro who’ll be getting an iPad from his wife and kids.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that is a great gift. All of the Apogee stuff is really great.

  • Rizzo RapZ

    (Fast forward 3 yrs)….I have a Yamaha mfc10, irig blueboard, irig pro, 2 roland ev-5 pedals, Bias, jam up pro, amplitude, fl studio hd, garageband and auria…It gets kid of expensive but not nearly as bad as days before.