∞ Retrospect goes solo, releases Retrospect 9 for Mac

Retrospect – the long-time backup software for Mac and Windows – has been spun off as an independent company. The eponymous software publisher has also announced the release of Retrospect 9 for Mac.

Retrospect 9 features data de-duplication, network backup of Mac, Windows and Linux computers, and new support of cloud-based storage: Retrospect 9 can now target any WebDAV-compatible storage system, including services from providers like Egnyte and Dreamhost.

Retrospect’s network backup client for Intel-based Macs has been reworked in the new release; it’s 64-bit and uses optional AES-256 encryption for sending backup data to the Retrospect server. It allows users to initiate backups and restores either from the desktop or the Retrospect Client preferences pane. Users can be notified of backup operations through Growl.

Also new in this release are improvements to performance, task workflows, user interface elements and reliability.

Retrospect 9 goes on sale in boxes at the end of November. Upgrades from previous releases are available – free if you purchased Retrospect 8 on or after July 20, 2011.

Prices for the full version range from $129 to $1,669 depending on desktop and server configurations. More details are available from the Retrospect Web site.

Retrospect started life in the 1990s as a backup software app for the Mac from Dantz Development Corp. Dantz was acquired by EMC Corp. in 2004, which published the software until Roxio acquired Retrospect in 2010.

  • jpmhughes

    Peter, Thanks for the heads up. It seems that Retrospect doesn’t have the upgrade pricing available yet from 8 to 9, only up to 8. The pricing matrix is still on Roxio’s webpage too. I’ll check back at a later date.

    • Peter Cohen

      Look at the press release on Retrospect 9 (click on the Press link at the bottom of the main page) – it’s all listed there.

    • The good folks at Roxio will be providing some back-end services for us while we get our own systems spun up. The upgrade page should be fixed shortly. Thanks so much!

    • arun

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      • arun

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  • I’ve been using Retrospect as part of bundles with backup drives for a long time. Finally got version 8 working with my 3-computer home network, but it took way more work to understand the configuration changes than I’d expected. I hope version 9 reflects attempts to simplify the setup a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to the fine folks at Retrospect.  I’m so glad you got out from under the mantle of EMC in 2010 – I can’t imagine that was a good fit!

  • I’ve been using Retrospect for more than 10 years and the original UI was not really intuitive. When I had to switch to Retrospect 8, I found that the Interface got close to unusable (even with only a couple of machines connected). Since then I was using more and more rsync-based Backups. If RS 9 doesn’t improve it’s (Mac-) interface, I’ll definitely not switch.

    Right now I’m wondering, if they corrected the UI? It seems like there are no screenshots whatsoever available (which is very suspicious).