∞ iTunes Match on the Apple TV

It appears Apple has activated iTunes Match on the Apple TV. I noticed this when I turned on my Apple TV tonight.

  • Thanks — I noticed that today and wasn’t sure when the menu option had appeared.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…I just may have to buy one of these Apple TV thingamabobs. 

  • So, iTunes match on the Apple TV must be a streaming service, since there is limited storage.  Whereas on iPad and iPhone, tracks download (although they seem to play very quickly while downloading).

    Does this supersede the ability to stream from my Mac’s iTunes library to my apple TV via Home Sharing?

    • Anonymous

      Almost everything on the ATV is streamed, the neat thing is that it can sometime even stream while the item is being downloaded.

      As for music from the Mac’s iTunes library, this is still available from the Computers sub menu.

  • Mustaine Roolz!!! 🙂