∞ Apple misses iTunes Match launch date

Apple said it would launch the service by the end of October. Clearly they missed that.

  • ConsumerNeXT

    Did they say which year?

  • ConsumerNeXT

    This is usually where I revert to the “They chose to get it right rather than get it on time.” The problem with that is they put the “on time” concept out there in the first place.

  • Could they still be having problems with licensing deals?  Seems a bit late in the game (post-announcement) for that.  

  • ConsumerNeXT

    That, and maybe the metadata in your local libraries that make-up playlists. For example: recently added could be blown away if everything is added to the cloud on the same day. Stars? Comments field? Seems easy at first until you try to make is seamless.

  • Anonymous

    so much hype over what is possibly a 48 hour miss that will still be within Fiscal October for all we know. 

    what about the ire over it being US only.