∞ The bullshit Samsung smartphone numbers

The Internet is buzzing this morning with news that Samsung has overtaken Apple as the worlds leading smartphone vendor. The problem is, there are no numbers to actually back up the claim.

Here’s an example of how it’s being reported. From GigaOM:

Samsung had a very strong quarter, according to numbers it revealed on Friday to investors. Its shipments (which it doesn’t provide specific numbers for) jumped more than 40 percent during the third quarter. Strategy Analytics estimates that amounts to total sales of nearly 28 million devices, while Apple moved 17 million during the same period.

Wait a minute. Samsung doesn’t provide specific numbers, so we are going to take their word that shipments jumped 40 percent? To make matters worse, Strategy Analytics “estimates” sales of 28 million devices.

Where the hell did they get that number?

Every one of the stories I’ve seen based their numbers on Strategy Analytics. So, let’s take a quick look at that report.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold 17 million iPhones, which is equal to a 21 percent growth rate over the same quarter last year. Those numbers are publicly available in Apple’s own earnings press release.

Note the big difference?

Apple “sold” 17 million iPhones and Samsung “shipped” some number that Strategy Analytics pulled out of their ass.

You cannot compare shipped numbers to sold numbers and come up with a conclusion that one company is beating another. You can’t. A research firm should know that, and I’m sure they do.

I have no doubt that Samsung sold a lot of phones, but until they release actual figures on the number they sold, Strategy Analytics report is meaningless.

Samsung could ship 100 million phones, but that doesn’t tell us how many they actually sold.

  • Sounds like the Republican strategy. Make shit up, repeat it, and repeat it again.

    • Unfortunately, it works. 

    • Eric Dolecki

      You mean like stimulus spending? 😉

      • Like trickle down economics. Where the ultra rich don’t pay taxes so they can create jobs and invest…….in other countries.

        • Danf

          You mean the ultra rich – the top 5% who pay 40% of all federal income taxes or the top 10% who pay 75% of taxes while 47% of “americans” pay no tax at all

          • Anonymous

            Everybody should just pay 17% and be done with it. I for one could use the tax cut. Truth is the super rich pay a much smaller % coz they have the means to hide it. 

          • Yacko

             And they will evade tax even with 17% because they can shelter themselves with dummy corporations doing their personal business in tax favorable countries.

          • silencets

            I have an excellent investment opportunity in Iran.  Please email a copy of your finical information to ShadyPartners, LLC and after a vetting process, we will select a small number of investors to participate in a lucrative oil venture.

          • Chip

            No, he means the 1% who has 92% of all the money in this country who don’t pay 92% of the tax, which they should by your logic.

          • Larry

            Where did you get those numbers? I’d like to quote them if real!

          • Hamish_the_Yeti

            No there not real. The majority of the taxes are paid by the top 5%. If we just went to a flat tax on individuals and corps. there would be no loop holes to go through. Everyone pays their percentage, end of story.

          • TruthOrDare

            Just because the 47% of the people living in the central part of North America are so poor that they don’t have to pay federal taxes doesn’t mean that they don’t pay taxes or are not Americans.  Unbelievable.  Most of those 47% pay sales taxes and a lot of other taxes as well.

          • Mike B

            And it’s federal INCOME taxes. The 47% (if that is right) DO pay social security and other federal taxes.

          • We don’t have a national sales tax yet. Sales taxes go to the state and city / municipality that you choose to live in and support local activities.

          • Hamish_the_Yeti

            Sales taxes are state and local, that has nothing to do with income tax. No one said anything about not being American. The discussion is about Federal income tax, nothing else.

          • Anonymous

            “47% of “americans” pay no tax at all”

            So payroll taxes aren’t actually taxes anymore? That’s good news! Then you won’t mind if we raise them and pay off the deficit!

            What’s that? Payroll taxes ARE taxes? Then you were lying before, and now look like a fool.

            This is what happens when you parrot talking points without actually thinking about them.

          • Larry

            Last year i worked so little that I paid no taxes. I was refunded all tax withheld including SS plus a few hundred dollars “Obama money” and that’s a fact.

          • By “payroll” I am guessing you mean FICA which goes to SSI. They will need to be raised in the future to cover the ever burgeoning demand of SSI recipients. That being said, the issue is with FEDERAL INCOME taxes. Those are the ones that almost half of the people pay none of. Some even get a “refund” that is greater than what is withheld. 

          • mattn

            This is false. 47% of Americans pay no income tax, but most of them pay other Federal taxes (payroll tax, which is used to fund general US operations) plus state and local taxes.

          • Andre Richards

            “the top 5% who pay 40% of all federal income taxes”

            Source or STFU.

          • You know Google works like a charm for things like this. Fact is, most Americans make so little money they pay very little in income taxes. However, that is another can of worms, and little =/= none. 

          • Andre Richards

            So no source then.

            Your advice isn’t wasted though as I do Google those kinds of stats when I read them, but this one just comes up on a lot of right-wing sites being thrown around by people who also don’t cite a source. Therefore, it seems to be another one of those bullshit stats born and raised in the right-wing echo chamber.

            Got an original source? Great. No source? Once again, I invite you and people like you to STFU. I also reiterate your own advice to use Google to get yourself actually informed for once in your life and to stop wallowing in misinformation.

          • Ok Andre, since you are not capable. Here is a source from the Congressional Budget Office http://cbo.gov/ftpdocs/88xx/doc8885/Appendix_wtoc.pdf Specifically look at table 1B. I am sorry, I cannot come over and scroll the mouse for you. Data is as of 2005. It shows that in that year the top 5% shouldered 43.8% of the FEDERAL tax liabilities.

            Here is a link to the general CBO site on such data http://www.cbo.gov/publications/collections/taxdistribution.cfm So, now you can look at STFU.

          • The source would be the IRS website – no you can STFU.

          • Andre Richards

            LOL. That was weak. Naming an organization is not a source. Give me the link to the info or a similar off-line pointer to this statistic or STFU.

            Oh, btw, just pointing me to the Heritage Foundation website or NTU.org both of which claim these figures and cite only “The Internal Revenue Service” (which I assume is where you retroactively found that “source”) is not going to cut it. Show me the real numbers otherwise I’m going to assume you’re just parroting information you found on a politically biased website and decided to spread it around without confirming it yourself.

          • Mel

            http://www.irs.gov/taxstats/indtaxstats/article/0,,id=133521,00.html  The number is actually 58% to be more accurate and a lot more complicated than simply saying top 5% pay 40% of federal income tax. But the overall message is the same.

          • Guest

            Most of the 47% use the only the standard deduction and make too little taxable income to pay taxes, such as seniors and the poor. Only 9% of the 47% use some of those income credits and other such deductions to lessen taxes. Really, this is a BS issue.

          • His Shadow

            Keep fucking that “pay no taxes at all” chicken. Maybe that will be true if you repeat it enough as well…

            Pretty damn funny that the Fox News watchers pull out the stories they believe because of repetition on a thread about what people will believe if you repeat it often enough.

        • America already has the most progressive tax model in the world.

    • Right, Democrats never lie or do anything wrong, ever.

      • Anonymous

        I mean really it’s so bad that it’s hard to say which party is worse.

      • Andre Richards

        The difference is that Dems are just using that as a political hammer and will back off when it gets out of hand whereas Republicans are stupid and religious enough to believe their own bullshit which makes them dangerous. “No, no, global climate change isn’t a real problem. Let’s ignore it and keep burning a bunch of fossil fuels. What does it matter if we fuck up the planet? Jesus is returning soon anyway.”

      • His Shadow

        Yeah, because calling out your accusers on their bullshit isn’t allowed.

    • Larry

      Dems do it to!

    • Sajid

      Your Republican comment completely diverted the actual topic of discussion!!!

    • Also sounds like the Democrat strategy, but Dems give it a twist. Make shit up, Give it away for free, repeat it, and repeat it again.

    • Kriskkalu

      Dude! Thanks so much for hijacking the comments, now everyone is fighting about politics, instead of Apple vs. Samsung.

  • Guest

    I wondered about this when I read it elsewhere but was only skimming. I instinctively dismissed it as yet more spin. Turns out my skepticism was justified. 🙂

  • Especially true in light of the “2 million Galalxy Tab 7″s shipped followed by a recant that the sales were actually “quite small” [quote from a Samsung executive].  Its channel stuffing, send out a boat load of devices to resellers, report how many you “shipped”, and take a loss on the bottom line while winning headlines.

    • Anonymous

      Firstly, the translation of the Samsung executive was corrected to be “quite smooth”. Secondly, it’s possible that Samsung overestimated the demand of Galaxy Tabs and oversupplied. That sort of thing can happen when entering a new market. They’ve since sold at least 1 million more 7″ tabs. Thirdly, it’s hardly relevant to Q3 2011 sales of smartphones – if you think that Samsung made 9 million additional smartphones – each of which cost around $150-$250 to produce – with no intention to sell them just to get headlines for a day for no particular product in general, you’re absolutely crazy.

      • Steve

        It was interpretted to mean “quite small” because “quite smooth” has no meaning unless you are reviewing whiskey.

  • Frank

    Fyi, Apple reports sales into distribution channels just like every other cell phone vendor. They do not report sales to end users (typically measured in “activations”). The “sales” versus “shipments” argument is as erroneous today as it is every few months when it resurfaces. Every vendor, Apple included, reports sales into channels.

    • Anonymous

      It’s well known that Apple can barely keep up with (or not) demand for iPhones and iPads and they usually only have a few weeks max of worldwide inventory in the channel. Apple’s numbers are effectively sales to end users. When was the last time you saw a store that was sold out of a Samsung phone?

      • Anonymous

        Actually many more times that you would like to think. Not just Samsung, but Motorola and HTC as well. Apple likes to create a illusion that their products are in hot demand to generate a demand in market and all iSheeps just flock to the apple stores to upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone4S (- seriously, is that an upgrade ?)

        • Zac Caslin

          And we have another Freetard on bord. Shouldn’t you be rooting you android phone so you can install last years OS, and just think 14 months from now you will get ice cream sandwich. Don’t you just love being free and open?

          • Anonymous

            iOS 5 rips features off from Android 2.3, which is available on pretty much any device. So, no, troll, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Anonymous

            no, troll, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Philipday

            And there is absolutely NO resemblance of any Android 2 feature to ANY of the features of the first or subsequent iPhones? PULEEZE

          • Asdf

            Who honestly gives a fuck? It is a rhetorical question.

          • Anonymous

            So you don’t want us to actually be honest then?

        • It’s amazing how they’re just creating the “illusion” that their products are in hot demand while simultaneously selling more iPhone 4s and 4Ses than any single Android phone model, and selling even more of them every time they release a new one.

          I guess all the iSheep are just buying two now.

          By the way, the plural of sheep is “sheep.”

          • Anonymous

            Ok Gsheep

          • Anonymous

            Uh…did you read the article?  Samsung Galaxy S II outsells the iPhone 4.  No matter how many times you say, “Apple sells more”, it’s just not true.

          • What article did YOU read? Because this one is talking about 28 million “estimated” sales of their ENTIRE LINE.

            Yes, the Galaxy S II sold 10 million or so in the last six months. I’ve read OTHER articles that talked about that. That was against the iPhone 4, which had already been out for six months by the time the S II was released. The iPhone 4S, by the way, sold 4 million phones in its first weekend. WEEKEND.

      • Actually Apple products have never been stocked in warehouses.  It violates good policy.  Product setting around is costing you money, Apple realizes this, so they only make enough to meet forecast projections.

    • bomber

      Apple actually reports shipment numbers and number of devices in the distribution channels, which makes it easy to calculate the exact number of devices sold.

    • Alvin A. Smith

      I’ve been wondering what obligation Apple has to clarifying how they interpret the “shipped” versus “sold” designation.  It makes sense that they would report sales into distribution channels just like everyone else, but writers have been hanging on that one word.  Why is that?  Seems like that misunderstanding would cost a lot of people a lot of money.

    • Anonymous

      Apple has a very lean pipeline, and they report how long it is periodically.  For them, everything that goes into the pipeline is sold within a couple of weeks.

    • Anonymous

      Apple can easily keep track of how many iOS devices have been sold because you HAVE TO associate an Apple ID with their devices in order to use them. Apple keeps track of that info.

    • And even Google’s “activations” do not necessarily measure new phones sold out of the channel.

  • Samsung appears to be learning from Steve Jobs and has created their own Reality Distortion Field. 

    Copying the iPhone and iPad? Nah…we just ‘came up’ with the same thinking! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yea … like the TV manufactures and car manufactures and the end list where one manufacturer makes the design and all others just copy it.. yea, someone should come up with round TVs or triangles… If you think their phones and pads are so similar that some buyers might get confused, you really shouldn’t be driving on road or be allowed out in public. Stop drinking the iKoolAid and you will see the differences yourself.

      • Anonymous

        You do know that every industry employs trade dress trademarks, yes? There have been similar lawsuits over the HUMMER grille, the visual appearances of Lamborghinis and other distinctive, non-functional marks.

        Just part of my continuing campaign to get people to stop making that fatuous analogy. You’re welcome.

      • I have never seen copied car without loudly announced licensing agreement (or cooperation).

  • Matt_99_hey

    Jim, you’re reading it wrong; read it again please. It said shipments increased 40%, but SALES were estimated at nearly 28 million. Thats shipped, then sold. I agree with you with the ‘estimated’ verbiage, but there’s a 11 million buffer zone from Apple’s confirmed 17, so there shouldn’t be any issue with that…

    • “Jae Lee, a Daiwa Securities technology analyst, ESTIMATED that Samsung had SHIPPED about 28 million smartphones in the third quarter,”

  • Greggorilla17

    Well as a cell phone provider we don’t have problems at all keeping our iPhones in stock and its the same for my neighboring stores and as for all of you iPhone lovers who hate Samsung just remember 45% of your iPhone is made by Samsung buyout are welcome apple.

    • Punctuation, please.

      What does Apple’s component sourcing have to do with this story?

      • C’mon. The guy can barely write. You expect him to read, too?

    • Anonymous

      Cut him some slack–he used Siri to enter that.  :^D

  • Mike Dano

    Are you kidding? Strategy Analytics has been tracking shipments for the cell phone industry for like 20 years. They know exactly what they’re doing. Moreover, IDC and ABI also released their own estimates and found basically the same thing. Samsung had a huge Q3 thanks to the release of the Galaxy S II and a bunch of other phones. Apple had a weak Q3 because people were waiting to buy the iPhone 4S, which went on sale after the close of the third quarter. 

    Samsung’s numbers are definitely not bullsh*t. I think your analysis might be though.

    • Zac Caslin

      Since you said so it must be true. Thanks for the update. 

    • Anonymous

      What relevance does it have of how long they’ve been doing this? Samsung has already been called out by the Lenovo CEO for shipping 1 million Galaxy Tabs but only selling 20,000. Both IDC and SA counted these in tablet marketshare statistics late last year.

      Secondly, I don’t even see IDC’s estimates of the Samsung smartphone sales. I only see ‘total handset shipments’ by Samsung from their press release.

    • Anonymous
       Apple had a weak Q3 because people were waiting to buy the iPhone 4S, which went on sale after the close of the third quarter.

      Really?  Even though, according to AllThingsD, iPhone sales were still strong leading up to the announcement?

      Sorry–can’t have it both ways.

  • Agreed on the overall point – that 28M number is probably BS. I think 20M smartphone number that WSJ reported a week or two ago is the right one. That one sounds like a controlled leak that came directly from Samsung.

    But you are wrong on the shipped/sold stuff. I’m not sure about the part of iPhones that get sold directly via Apple retail stores, those numbers might mean direct sales to consumers. But for the devices shipments to operators and wholesale/retail customers – both Samsung and Apple and others report  shipments to the channel as sales in that quarter. It is a standard industry practice

    • Anonymous

      But Apple also states how many are in the channel at the start of the quarter and how many are left in the channel at the end of the quarter.

      Given the number of devices shipped during the quarter you can in fact calculate how many are no longer in the channel, i.e. sold…

      b = in channel at beginning of quarter e = in channel at end of quarter s = number of units shipped during the quarter T = total units sold at end of quarter

      T = (s + b) – e

  • Geeze, you act like someone just stole your girlfriend.  The marketing push behind these phone makers is for us all to identify ourselves with our phones.  So what happens is, anytime anyone says anything bad or uncomfortable about Apple or Android, people take it very personally.  But here is the truth – Apple You.  Just because this last quarter most people didn’t agree with you when buying, its ok.  They are not commenting on you personally.  You are still a worthwhile person.  And don’t worry, Apple will surely wipe the floor with Samsung and every other smartphone vendor this next quarter with the new iPhone.  After that, who knows.

  • Kaffenated

    And you think the iPhone numbers are not bull* too? Nice.

    • Anonymous

      Uh no… Apple clearly states how many they shipped during the quarter, how many are in the channel at the start of the quarter and how many are left in the channel at the end of the quarter. With these three numbers, you can calculate how many have been sold. It’s simple math.

      • Kaffenated

        Um…but it comes from Apple? That is the point.

        • Anonymous

          Read the post once again. The problem is that these numbers AREN’T from Samsung. They were pulled out from the SA ass.

          • Kaffenated

            Sour Grapes are Sour.

  • Hold on! If Samsung DIDN’T beat Apple in Q3 it would be amazing.

    Because Samsung is selling the most popular Android phones on the planet (i.e., the ones that most slavishly copy the iPhone), it has just launched a series of new phones, and it was competing against the fifth quarter sales of iPhone 4. If Samsung’s latest models couldn’t SOUNDLY beat Apple in a quarter where Apple was continuing to sell the remains of iPhone 4 after THE MODEL HAD TURNED A YEAR OLD, then Samsung is a bunch of tools. The fact that Samsung didn’t announce a brilliant number of smartphones sold at its last opportunity to beat Apple says a lot. It must realize that it will be crushed into oblivion by the winter quarter of iPhone 4S, and doesn’t want to invite such comparisons.

  • People, let’s do some basic math, shall we? 2.2 billion dollars revenue from 28 million smartphones… That’s 78.57 dollars per smartphone. Really?… I mean… Really?!?

    • Anonymous

      And that’s pretty much the nail in the coffin isn’t it.  I’m really, really surprised no one else has mentioned this.  Samsung’s smartphones sell for $500 minimum.  Their revenue is indicative of channel stuffing.  It’s illegal and Samsung should be punished for it.  Just like they were fined for copying OSX and XP icons in 2006.  Just like they were fined for price-fixing LCDs in 2007.  Just like when the DoJ investigated them for fixing NAND Flash prices in 2007.  Samsung has a very long history of using illegal tactics to crush competition and win marketshare (not unlike Microsoft in the 90s actually).

  • Tim

    Does it matter? Seriously?

    • It does to potential shareholders who want accurate valuation of any company they’re considering investing in.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like someone’s marketing dollars at work.

  • Totally agree, no one can ever beat Apple at anything, ever!

    • Edy

      Are you serious? People like you give apple a bad name, even tho I hate apple :).

  • Gumario

    Hi everybody from Russia. I’m not that good in English but still – didn’t opened wordbook ) Shortly about the post

    I don’t believe Samsung – not a 1st time they saying ‘shipped’ instead of ‘sold’. The difference is quite simple – which is ‘sold’, counts as ‘you owe cash’, which is ‘shipped’ = is not (yet, at least). I mean, one can tell anything to analytics, not to Quarter report.

    And, by the way, i still don’t want to count my love and inspiration to Apple (you can imagine do i want to compare it), with all my respect to others )

  • The important thing to ask here is: “WHO GIVES A SH!T how many phones Samsung makes or sells?”

    The comparison alone is pointless – it’s like saying Chevy sold 2 million cars, and 10 other car-makers sold 8 million.

  • Samsung are now just trolling. Anyone who believes them is a bigger fool than they are.

  • Romex777

    What is your point? Are you trying to say that samsung is not as good as your I phone,therefore not possible they sold that many units, even if so, who gives a shit anyway!

    • yes the Samsung phone is not as good as the iPhone

  • It’s possible.

    I heard that cheap plasticky looking plastic is back in.

    Like zebra striped platforms from the 70s

    Or maybe people are so broke they ate buying cheap plastic covered handsets with free operatingsystems

  • Anonymous

    Wow Mr Dalrymple seems very butthurt over this.Chuckles

  • what this actually shows is how pissed apple fan boys get. if it were the other way around apple would be getting praised.

  • Anonymous

    Continuing campaign? You do know about “design patents” right? It’s what “slavish copying” is about. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry. This was meant to be in reply to Oluseyl 22 minutes ago.

  • The answer to the question? Yes, Samsung’s spin is very GOPish. Like the “47%” statistic. You compare one thing to another and make up what you want it to mean. And you say it over and over.

  • Anonymous

    Jim Dalymple

    Why do you even care? Does it actually upset you that one huge conglomerate might sell more things than another huge conglomerate? Get a life you mentalist.

  • Anonymous

    The guys at Strategy Analytics pull the number out from where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Anonymous

    Not only that but samsung doesn’t define smartphones. It just announced that by the end of Q3 it had shipped 30M Galaxy phones (1&2) since March 2010 (18 months). They also announced 10M Galaxy S2 phones in 5 months as a subset of that 30M. With all the willin the world there is no way that they shipped more than 10-12M Galaxy phones in the last quarter. What is the other 12-15M? A few Bada in SKorea, a few WP7 (1M if that) and a bucket load of crap app phones like the Intensity 2 and other things that would never make it into an Smartphone list anywhere. Strategy Analytics won’t tell since they are charlatans selling snake oil and Samsung won’t because they won’t.

    • Anonymous

      Also look at revenue per smartphone.  It’s sub $100.

  • Starwar124

    You like it or not,Apple is going down in da market so ijust be it.

  • You should read my blog.  It touches on this very subject, today. http://theyonks.blogspot.com/2011/10/3-fatal-misuses-of-market-research.html

  • LOL at all the butthurt and who gives a shit comments. Last I checked this was a blog about shit like this so it’s on topic.  Second, you have to at least care enough about the subject to take the time to read it and post a “who gives a shit comment”  Pot, meet kettle…  

  • You mad ? 

  • Abc

    Hey Apple lovers: I think it’s time 2 go and F&!* urself. Apple is nothing without Samsung and iPhone 4S is a prove. Now u can S&!* Jobs D&!* or u can realize that Samsung Phone shipments comes because of high demand…

  • Tom

    I think the difference between Apple reporting sales into the distribution channel and everyone else doing so is that Apple is selling every phone it can make, and others are not.  Apple’s ‘shipment into the sales channel’ number is essentially the same as its ‘sales’ number. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care GSII is much better than iPhone4S for SURE, don’t agree? Stay with 3.5inchs and be happy instead of suing or bithicnhg loser!

  • Anonymous

    So iPhone4S is losing right?

  • Crazypants

    Snake oil tactics.

  • Anonymous

    Strategy Analytics, and reporters such as myself, don’t know if Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple because Samsung doesn’t disclose its smartphone sales numbers.                                     http://bit.ly/vqT4zD

  • sams0n1te

    Well Apple does not provide exact numbers either. They do not break down how many of the sold iPhones are 3gs, 4 and in the future 4s. If samsung numbers seem high, you do realize that earth is round and there are life outside US. And samsung is really big in some countries. Apples iTunes music/movies/apps are not sold in most counties of the world and without ecosystem iPhone is less obvious choice. Besides iPhones are rich mans toys therefore out of reach for most people of the world. Actually most iPhones are sold outside US so apple numbers are as inaccurate as the competition. 

  • Anonymous

    Congrats. All of you have struck a blow for American Politics. Is it any wonder so many are heading for the exits?

  • Wow, posting links to the Congressional Budget Office causing a comment to be moderated.

  • Anonymous

    Strategy Analytics is a new business model. Stat bait. Make up outrageous numbers. Publish it. Wait for the clicks. It has been going on for some time now. Their numbers never tally with many other sources and always arrive at an exciting headline. Think about it.

  • Next week IDC will announce the official shipments ranking and we’ll see how many smartphones Samsung sold to its distribution partners.

    And in 2-3 weeks Gartner will release its own quarterly report, which is an estimation of actual sales to final consumers. It might be an estimation, but it’s the best guess we can have when it comes to real sales.

    So just ignore Strategy Analytics and wait for: 1. IDC 2. Gartner

  • jtsdst

    Hey I must confess being an analyst myself, but I think you are way too harsh here. All analysts don’t always pull numbers out of their backside. Actually it’s fairly easy to estimate SSNG’s smartphone shipments because they give out growth data and year on year growth for example for feature phones. I had them at 28.5m and didn’t invent anything. Just because some people don’t stop at the samsung press release and dig a bit deeper into the data doesn’t mean they pull number out of thin air. That’s a generalization that doesn’t help you make a case. Agreed on shipments vs sales, though, it’s hard to assess what’s in the channels, but over several quarters that consideration gets smoothened because channel stuffing often boomerangs in the subsequent quarters. 

  • Ken

    Ah the apple lemmings coming out to defend the realm. Face it, crapple phones are going the way of the beanie babies. They have lost their cool factor. Look at all the money crapple is using in advertising just to maintain. Panic my friends.

  • LOL….I love the story.  It tells of actual numbers of iPhone’s sold as verified on Apple’s own website but what the writer (otherwise known as your typical Apple “fanboy”) has failed to mention is that the 17 Million iPhones that were sold include phones that companies like Rogers, Bell and AT&T buy from Apple to stock at all their locations and central warehouses to ensure that there are phones available should people buy into the propaganda machine that is Apple.

  • Samsung makes money based on shipment not customer sales.

  • Truth hurts!  Sorry Apple fanboys and Apple-paid bloggers.  I am a sales manager in one of the biggest electronics retail outlet in the Middle East and it is the reality.  Samsung was ahead by miles in sales against Apple.  Even Samsung Galaxy S2 single-handedly outsales iPhone4 & iPhone 4S combined.

  • joelmohanraj raj
  • Asdfafdfd

    hahahaah all of a suddent this become a tax debate. anyways great article bud…werd!

  • Confucius is not Korean