∞ Pixelmator 2.0 coming tomorrow, here are a few screenshots

Image editing tool Pixelmator 2.0 will be released on Thursday with many new features. I’m going to post a few screenshots of the new app along with a short description of what you can expect from some of the new features.

Tool Options: A new bar at the top of each window shows the settings of the currently selected tool.

Info Bar: Provides information about the photo on the top of each window.

Drawing and Shape tools: Used to create and edit vector shapes. It also includes a Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Line shape tool.

Smudge, Sponge, Burn and Dodge Tools: I’m sure you know what all of these tools do.

Auto Save and Versions: Taking advantage of OS X Lion, Pixelmator now auto saves documents for you, so you’ll never lose anything. You can also browse through changes you made using Lion’s Versions capabilities.

That’s just a quick look at a few of the new features. There are so many cool new things like a Content Aware Healing Tool.

  • Can’t wait!  1.x is already my favorite Photoshop alternative by a mile.

  • Guest

    Does it have a stitching function for making panoramas? If so, I’m sold. Buh-bye Photoshop Elements.

    • Guest

      Take a look at PTGui Pro for one of the best stiching tools for the Mac

    • Guest

      With specialized app like PanoEdit (http://www.panoedit.com/) you can get better stitching results and easier ui for panorama manipulations

  • That’s great. I have 1.x which I use occasionally. Too often I’ve found I needed to draw a shape and had to switch to Photoshop Elements. I’m really looking forward to the vector graphics. I hope they turn out to be justified for spending the time to make 2.0 awesome. And that they’ve learned their lesson about pre-announcing. 🙂

  • Looks gorgeous. I can only hope apps like this drain off enough potential Adobe business for the latter to price their own apps more competitively.

  • Pixelmator is getting better with each release. Hope to be able to use it full-time in place of Photoshop soon!

  • Blue

    YippieCaYo! Morgen Kinder wirds was geben!

  • Gasport


  • …and I get this for free as a recent 1.x buyer big smile

  • Awesome, I so can’t wait to play with this, more screen shots please! Also we’ve got some great Pixelmator resources and tutorials over at our site http://www.pxm-tuts.com/ We are members of the community, passionate about our beloved application!

    I hope tomorrow means midnight tonight!

  • John

    Happy happy!

  • Anonymous

    “Drawing and Shape tools” this is what we were waiting for ! Can’t wait until tomorrow …

  • Nice tool

  • The tutors at http://pixelmatortutorials.net can’t wait to show you all the new stuff in Pixelmator 2. There will be published some great tutorials for both advanced users and beginners. Pixelmator is the best tool around for learning image editing.