∞ iOS 5 Newsstand's impact is significant

Jeff Sonderman for Poynter:

Since Apple launched it last week in the latest version of its iOS operating system, its impact has been immediate and significant. Many Newsstand apps now rank among the top free apps overall, and magazine and newspaper apps are benefiting from a surge of downloads and subscribers.

And some people said the App Store wouldn’t impact magazine and newspaper subscriptions at all.

  • People say a lot of things about Apple, which are then proved embarrassing wrong only a few months later. 

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded one or two periodical apps to retry them.

    Big price tags everywhere… I’ll pay for good stuff, but I feel as though someone’s over my shoulder repeatedly saying ‘Are you going to buy that?’

    NatGeo Kids offered a sample issue with 2 cute animals on the cover. I thought it was interesting and something I would buy and share with little ones in my family. I opened it up and got one more picture of an animal. It’s more of a sample of how the magazine would work, not a sample of the quality of future issues.

    My newstand remains empty, and I’m not interested in filling it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I looked at some newstand periodical’s last night. All are listed as Free since they have in-app purchases for the subscription. This is fine, but subscription prices frequently aren’t mentioned until you download the app and then dig around for subscription button.

    Some magazines have zero free content on the initial download. A free article would be nice to be able to actually judge the content of the magazine.

    I don’t think I saw a single magazine with > 3 star rating, except maybe the NY Times.

  • The Newstand UI is a nice way to browse things like newspapers and magazines, and I personally really like it. However, I think it might be a bit premature to declare it a success. It is a new feature with not so many subscription options, so of course a lot of people are clicking on it and some are buying. The real question is whether or  not it has staying power. My problem is information overload and a lack of free time. There are lots of magazines I would love to subscribe to, atlhough I know that I would rarely find the time to read them.

  • I think it’s a bit deceptive. And expensive – who wants to read a full colour magazine on an iPhone? As well I was a little amused that my previous NYT’s app that I had in another folder magically appeared in new stand with an all too easy option to subscribe. 

  • Jimc45

    My NY Times app went into the Newsstand and I can’t get it out.  My paid Economist, LA Times and WSJ periodicals did NOT automatically go into the newsstand and I cannot PUT them there.  So the newsstand is now, until I learn something about how it works that isn’t immediately apparent, an inconvenient place to get the NYT.

  • RG

    More subscriptions are appearing which is great. It would be great if they device would download the subscribed content automatically when it becomes available though.

    Within the actual app store I think the Newstand section should be subdivided too. I like having my magazines in one place though.