∞ Record iPhone activations


“AT&T had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network — and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day.”

Looks like the naysayers were right, the iPhone 4S is clearly a failure.

  • Dud!  Meh!  Sheeple!  It’s all marketing and people wanting status symbols and wanting to live in prisons!

    Meanwhile, back on planet Earth…

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  • Anonymous

    you’re not smart enough to understand this, so let me break it down.  his point was that your people predicted failure.  now that you and your people were clearly wrong, you’re spouting old, recycled android talking points.  maybe you should just realize that your opinions are very often wrong.

  • His Shadow

    How is Apple going to live this down?

  • Anonymous

    I got mine today. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is Siri/dictation. But it appears a lot of people are having that problem, and everyone believes it is the servers getting hammered with Siri traffic as we all take our phones home and play. I hope it clears up. 🙁

    Otherwise, a sweet bit of hardware.