∞ Samsung plans to seek ban on iPhone 4S in France, Italy


Samsung revealed on Wednesday that it would try to stop the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S in France and Italy with filings seeking injunctions on the new smartphone. Samsung’s complaints (via WSJ) will center on two instances of alleged patent infringement related to WCDMA standards for 3G connectivity.

Samsung is unlikely to have caught Apple unaware with this move; chances are that Apple’s legal team already has planned a counterstrategy.

  • Guest

    Apple files injunctions against Samsung because they felt the phone looked too much like an iPhone so people might buy the Samsung by mistake. It made sense because iPhone sales were at stake here.

    But for an infringing patent? There are no potential loss sales, only licensing that Apple would have to pay anyway. So why should a court grant an injunction?

  • LittleBulldozer

    From what I’ve read, Samsung has already tried this with every other 3G enabled iOS device apple sells.