∞ Apple posts 'Let's Talk iPhone' keynote stream

By now you’ve probably read coverage of Tuesday’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event at Apple’s Cupertino campus, where Tim Cook and company took the wraps off of the new iPhone 4S, refreshed iPod touch and iPod nano models, and put a release date (next Wednesday) on iOS 5 and iCloud.

But now you can view it for yourself. Apple has posted a link on its Web site that lets you view a replay of the keynote – featuring Tim Cook on stage as Apple’s permanent CEO for the first time. The video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows.

  • Kaffenated

    Tim Cook was adequate – but the product release was unimpressive.

    Adequate and unimpressive are not things we normally associate with Apple.

    Are the glory days over?

  • A product release that will sell over 100mm units – unimpressive – really ! So you want Apple to re-tool its whole production line so you get a product with tech that’s not supported yet ? I think I like Tim’s strategy better.

  • 5pete6

    Sales will do the talking. In my opinion this is the right strategy. 2011 has been the year of upgrades for Apple. 2012 will be a year of many new products. iphone 4S looks pretty strong to me, and combined with iOS5 and iCloud (and possibly Siri), it will have a huge demand. We´ll see.

  • I don’t get all these disappointed people, the iPhone 4S looks great to me, time to upgrade from my 3GS. 

  • Jth9234

    If they just called it “iPhone5” and not “iPhone4S”, maybe people would be more amped? I think its a post-Jobs era, Apple is just beginning to become the status quo and not the innovator it once was. Face it, when Jobs took a leave of absence, that was an end of an era, the stepping down as CEO was just a formality that already happened months before.

    I still expect iPhone4S to sell really well, but its not some big upgrade over the iPhone 4 which is what, like 18 months old now? In 18 months, this is all they did? Dual Core with weaker battery life to a phone that ran really fast and smooth in its own ecosystem under the iPhone4?

  • We’re so accustomed to Jobs’ presentation flair. It’s certainly hard to replicate that.  Give ’em a little time! 🙂