∞ This is just all kinds of stupid

Molly Wood for CNET:

Amazon, not Apple, just mainstreamed the tablet market.


I’d argue that it’s an iPad killer all the same.

Remember how I said earlier today that product launches drive some writers to the brink of stupidity. Shawn King sent me this one that completely fell over the cliff.

  • I keep trying to think of a comment, but “This is just all kinds of stupid” is all someone can really say. It goes to show that it’s seen as more important to get someone reading what you write than to make what you write worth reading.

  • Well yes, they might have. Let’s see if they can make a significant dent in the iPad market.

  • At those price points I’d say that Amazon would mainstream the tablet market, except that Apple has already done it. The Kindle Fire is just a new tablet that probably will go mainstream in a big way and probably the first worthy competitor to the iPad. But its much more limited than the iPad… on purpose. Its even more of “just a media consumption device” than the iPad is. Definitely not an iPad killer.  But something that can stand along side the iPad and survive.

  • Iain

    Meh. One, it’s CNet. They have pretty low standards. Two, it’s Molly Wood, she’s the official CNet Apple-hater. If the topic is related to Apple, she’ll say something negative. Nothing to see here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to pull a Gruber and file this away for claim chowder. Like it or not, she’s very right. Of course, killer might be the wrong term, but long-term, I think Amazon could be the #1 tablet player with a strategy like this. The iPad is already mainstream, but everyone is going to buy this Kindle. The fact that the iPad is being referred to as “high-end” is not a good sign for those hoping that it will dominate the market. High-end is code for niche.

    • Guest

      Uhm… I’m not going to buy a Kindle Fire. Nobody Why is “everyone” going to buy this? Heck, most people don’t know it exists, and a big chunk of people will just think it’s a colour Kindle.

  • His Shadow

    Speaking of stupidity, I’m seeing a few people who believe that because Amazon has a massive online presence, that makes Amazon somehow capable of outselling the iPad in the first quarter that this untested, as yet unsold product is available.

    • AHAHAHA! I bet you had a good laugh.

      • His Shadow

        It’s just ridiculous how simple aspects of the nature of business escape most people. RIM has a great installed base, the ear of enterprise, and put a ton of effort into the Playbook. And they only built a million on the first run. Pretending that Amazon has the means or the incentive to build 5 million Kindle Fires and take on Apple head on sale for sale is simply delusional. I’m not saying that Amazon, sometime in the future based on great sales, couldn’t place orders to bring production up to meet demand. I’m saying Amazon does not have and has not acquired the means to have enough Fires on hand to do anything but make the slightest of dents in Apple’s iPad holiday sales.HP also had great hopes for the Touchpad and they made less than 600g of those.

        it’s like some believe that electronics just drop out of Chinese factories fully formed in whatever quantity you can imagine.