∞ Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on cell phones and cancer

Filmmaker Kevin Kunze is putting together a documentary exposing what he calls “the truth behind the negative health effects of cell phones.”

“Through extensive research and interviews with the world’s leading doctors, scientists, politicians, activists, and victims; DISCONNECT traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted public health.”

As part of the process, Kunze has interviewed many people including Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak and Virgin Mobile’s founder Richard Branson. Part of Woz’s interview is below.

  • His Shadow


  • His Shadow

    Anybody think there is  “But..” in the rest of that video?

  • I’d ask why it is that only science that validates the conclusion is valid, but the research on facts not mattering to anyone is extensive and well-documented.

    • His Shadow

      I’m not able to parse what you are saying. Are you suggesting that there is a confirmation bias on the part of the filmmaker or the industries research?

      I think I already know where you stand on this, just looking for clarification.

    • Because it’s Multi-Billion Dollar Industry and THEY LIE. There have been books and cover ups already. They know it’s harmful. It’s like big tobacco before the truth came out.

      I only text. I can’t even web browse on a call phone without getting a headache and tired.

      Many, Many people have daily problems from cell phones but they don’t link the two together. They just take an Tylenol or Aspirin an think it’s just stress or something else.

      Take a few days off of talking on your cell and see the difference in mental clarity, stress, neck soreness, headaches etc.

      Also from what I have read it’s cumlitive and children under 18 should NEVER use a cellphone. Their brain is still forming.

      • Anonymous

        While the symptoms you experience may be real, you are wrong about the cause.  I 100% guarantee that if a CONTROLLED experiment was done where you were put in a room with active cellular devices, then another without and fully faraday caged, you would not be able to tell the difference.

        There’s a reason that not a single controlled study has ever come up with even a link.  It doesn’t exist.

  • John W Baxter

    For someone like me, whose cell phone usage is quite limited (hint: I have about 3,000 rollover minutes on my 450 minute account, and they are expiring as fast as they’re added), I think this is a non-issue.

    I wouldn’t use cell phone to the head for hours a day (even though I doubt that’s  problem). Phone idling in shirt pocket for much of the day may be a worse problem (I’m too…gravitationally challenged…fat to use a holster successfully.)

    I saw a DEA “undercover” boat leaving San Diego (we locals all knew who they were) one day with a hand standing on bow watch–with his head level with and 4 feet from the radar scanner. THAT is something I wouldn’t do without pulling the fuse on the radar set first. Perhaps he had.

  • John – I agree with Phone idling in shirt pocket for much of the day may be a worse problem. There have been numerous studies with sperm damage.

    As for all the nay sayers, please check out the web site for more valid accounts from the top doctors in the nation.

    • Sorry, but where do you keep your sperm? Alternatively: What kind of shirts do you wear?

      Also: Which site?

      And just for fun: http://journals.lww.com/neurologynow/Fulltext/2011/07040/This_Way_In__How_Safe_Are_Cell_Phones_.7.as

    • My iphone is always on Airplane/Flight mode if it’s on my body.

  • Guys, there a new way to reduce the amount of cell phone radiations other than avoiding the use of cell phone. Check this out: http://www.hktdc/em/trendpower the only SafeFilm, the only radiation reducing film that is proven by CE and FCC accredited Labs. Your ultimate production against cell phone radiations, unless of course you are willing to go without a cell phone.

    • I was about to flag this comment as spam, but I think I’ll have some fun first:

      You are obviously employed by the company that makes these things and for one, I love when people post about radiation reducing films, because they actually increase the power output of the antenna on a phone (on GSM and UMTS phones in any case). But your product goes a step further, because it’s not even applied to the antenna of the iPhone 4. It’s a goddamn screen protector.


  • Colleen

    Would very much like to see this documentary. It is the ‘level’ of carcinogen that is really relevant here – as our mothers have told us, too much of ANYTHING is bad for you!  The question then becomes “When does it become too much?”   When it comes to our current and never-before exposed levels of microwave radiation through cellphones, wi-fi etc we are now at millions of times natural background level.  You cannot change the habitat of an organism by millions of times and NOT expect some kind of negative effects.

    • I can’t use cell phones. But wifi does not bother me at all on my home nextwork or on my iphone or latops. I would however prefer wired connections.

  • Jim in StL

    Microwave radiation is not ionizing radiation. It does not penetrate beyond the skull and would only warm the tissue a miniscule amuont if it did. Brain cancer occurs for various reasons at a given rate in the population. There are many millions of cell phone users. They will get brain cancer at a rate quite similar to the general population. There will be many of them given the size of the population. Each is a tragedy. The disease was not caused by the cell phone.

    • You’re wrong.

      • http://www.jstor.org/pss/3575851

        no he’s not… -_- try doing some (real, not quack) research before you go around spouting crap

        • Kairt

          Outdated. Studies on prenatal exposure: http://www.saferphonezone.com/highlights-from-istanbul%E2%80%99s-cell-phones-and-health-workshop/

          Additionally, Om P. Gandhi, the man who invented cell phone standards and worked for Nokia back in the day, published a paper on the difference between radiation penetration in  SAM’s head (standard anthropomorphic man used my cell industry, i.e. a man that’s 6 feet 200lbs) vs. a child’s head. Also, the NIH (google “Valkow” and cell phones. Example: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/25/134059267/cell-phone-radiation-affects-brain-study-says) showed that glucose levels of brain were affected by cell phone radiation. Proves doesn’t have to be ionizing to have biological impact, and esp. doesn’t have to heat to have biological impact. Of course, the most ironic part of the whole “biological impact” discussion is that microwave radiation is actually used to weaken the blood brain barrier for cancer treatments. Lolz, oopsies – guess cell phones do mess with the brain!The point is, and Woz is smart enough to realize this, since microwave radiation (which is cell phone radiation, FYI) is capable of affecting the brain and no one knows what long-term use means in terms of brain health, better to be cautious. It’s really not even an offensive discussion. I don’t know what all the animosity is about. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing perspective. All of the experts are saying just to limit your time with your cell phone against your head. Use speaker phone, use a headset, Skype, etc. Headsets are more convenient anyway for conversations on the go and I’d rather use Vent or Skype for video games anyway. I fail to see why there is any other reason to call anyone. OBVIOUSLY. 

  • Rob

    Anything that carries an electrical current is going to emit EM radiation. Not just cellphones, but any other electrical device. Hence, why living near power lines has been correlated to increased risk of cancer. The EM radiation emitted from power lines is also classified as non-ionizing…

    On the bright side, devices are designed to be more energy efficient these days, an extra benefit to which is less exposure to EM radiation.

    Anyhow, the risk of cancer increases as cells replicate more – increasing the odds of cancerous mutation in the DNA sequence. So, ultimately, taking care of yourself, not putting too much stress on your body, can reduce the risk, along with shutting off devices that you are not using – which coincidentally is also better for the environment.

    • Guest

      Anything with a temperature above 0K is going to emit EM radiation.  That includes you, your dog, the Earth, the Sun, the entire Universe.  Microwaves from before the era of recombination are detected in every direction in the sky.  OMG!!!!!