∞ Apple announces iPhone 5 event for Oct. 4

Note: We are at Apple’s iPhone event. Join us for our live blog coverage.

Apple on Tuesday officially announced its iPhone 5 launch event. According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held on October 4 at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. The event will begin at 10:00 am PT.

I will be at the event, and will bring you a live update of the announcements as they happen.

  • I love Apple’s simple invites.

    • Rwood2048

      where’s the month on the invite? baaaaaaa, gotta luvvv the droves of #isheep moping around that day…

      • The next month where the 4th happens on a Tuesday is September 2012…

        • Tofer King

          I looked at my calendar and I see that October 4, 2011 is a Tuesday.

          • Yeah Rwood2048 didn’t know what month it was.. I was saying it’s obvious.

          • Rwood2048

            pretty poor when you have to use a friggin’ calendar to decode the ad… but it’s what you #iSheep luvvv using your devices for i guess…

          • it’s not an ad, it’s a screenshot of an email invite. in the email the images are clickable buttons. so if you click on the calendar it’ll open ical and add the event, if you click on the map it’ll open maps, etc.

          • Very Clever invite to #iPhone event. Requires people to participate and figure out October. Engaging. 

          • Anonymous

            You sir are a spanner.

          • His Shadow

            Error. Spanners are useful.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong! He’s a nut.

          • Spambot

            nuts are useful

          • His Shadow

            Pretty sad when you hang around an Apple blog getting embarrassed about your inability to decode a calendar.

          • Oiahsdoah


          • pretty poor that you spend your life trolling, Troll.

          • The6474

            I really like that word “Troll”! Never understood why that would make anyone angry.

            As a matter of fact ” Surly ” bikes just release their new bike called “Surly Troll” it is made of all Cromoly as far as the frame goes and fork. It is sweet. I would loved to be called a troll.

            Trolls are cool.

          • Then I suggest you change your profile picture to that of the troll from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I always imagine internet trolls look just like the one in the movie.

          • Anonymous

            > #iSheep

            When you have 100% uptime and no antivirus to run or disk defrag to perform, you have a little extra time to spend clicking the links in a fun invitation.

          • asto

            Yeah, Linux is awesome! But what does that have to do with anything?

          • Linuxiscrap

            Linux sucks

          • Howard Chen


          • Rwood2048

            I thought you needed all your extra time to watch that beach-ball spinning round and around and around…

          • kibbles

            thats not a beachball, thats your mom.

          • Rwood2048

            baaaaa good ol’ #iSheep – you need to go graze at the steps of Cupertino campus…

          • Rwood2048

            hey Mayer you take that picture of your god awful tongue on your MacBook Pro? Jeez, I’d take it back to the Genius Bar in the Apple Store and get the iGeeks to fix it for you…

          • Rwood2048

            can you run 64-bit Photoshop on your #iSheep Mac to make use of that massive RAM, 100% uptime and no antivirus to run or disk defrag; yet??????

          • kibbles

            hang on, let me ask your mom … ok shes not sure, but she did ask me to use my massive RAM to defrag her during my uptime. anti-virus, of course.

          • Rwood2048

            antivirus i doubt kibles – you sound like a #isheep ladyboy with a load of STD’s… btw, your mom told me to say hi, and she wishes you take your d**k off your forehead…

          • Can you run 64-bit Photoshop on a Mac? Yes.


          • Anonymous

            > #iSheep

            When you have 100% uptime and no antivirus to run or disk defrag to perform, you have a little extra time to spend clicking the links in a fun invitation.

          • sexxxxxxxyyyyyy


        • Rwood2048

          is there an App for working that out?

          • it’s called ical

          • YossarianLives


            You appear to be under some delusion that the invite is personally aimed at you and they fervently expect you to be there. Sadly, like so much of the web (I wouldn’t look around too much as you seem new to it) it is not.

          • rueyeet

            Dunno about you, but I used my brain.

            “On Tuesday the 4th at 10:00 on the Apple campus, there’s an iPhone message waiting.”  Can’t get simpler than that.

            Given that the rumor of an iPhone event on October 4th has been going around the press for a couple of weeks now, the month and year shouldn’t even be a question.

          • Carolyn

            It’s sad how many people don’t understand that your quote is exactly what this message means. Very little investigation required, no hinting at the # of devices being introduced, etc. … just a creative little “ad”!

      • Tofer King

        My iPad’s Calendar icon displays only a number, not a month.

    • they are brilliant 🙂

    • killfilesystem

      nope, you are wrong. Look wise they simple but there is always a huge hint about the event is buried under the invitation image. like in this one says only one iPhone. and nobody figured “back to mac.” there are millions of people sitting on computers and starring at this image trying to figure out the clues.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know.  iPhone is a platform.  So you could say “Let’s talk iPhone” and then introduce iOS5 and multiple iPhones.  The announcement should put an end to iPad 3 rumors.

    • Bverse

      smart use of the icons to show the 4th at 10am 280 one infinite loop and done miss it by the missed phone call.


  • Ethan Wilde

    Well it’s on Tuesday the 4th at 10am at the apple campus but maybe the 1 on the phone means only 1 model will be arriving?

    • Anonymous

      Or, let’s talk about 1 thing only. iPhones…. No iPad, no iPod Touch refreshes…

      • I want a new iPod nano with video!

        • Anonymous

          Ok, but why do you need an event for that? iPod updates can certainly come as a quite update through the website.

          • Anonymous

            iPod updates have had their own event for YEARS, almost every iPod has been released usually 2nd or 3rd week of September is the Apple iPod media event. It got delayed this year due to the iPhone announcement.

      • qo

        If you play the image backward, it says “Paul is dead.”

    • Raghu

      1+phone = Iphone .. 1 is used instead of ‘I’

      • Vamsmack

        Unicorns only have 1 horn. Coincidence?

    • Anonymous

      I assumed one new US carrier.  But that’s probably reading too much into it.

    • LOTR

      One Phone to Rule Them All

  • John Graybosch

    That’s what I was thinking

  • Nicholas Mauro

    I’m terribly excited

    • Rwood2048

      i get some tissues for you then…

  • John Graybosch

    I appreciate the quick coverage, Jim. Thanks.

  • or “1 more thing”

  • The 4 is too big on the image, this will be just an iPhone 4S event.

    • Vamsmack

      The number 1 also appears on the invite maybe they’re going to offer a retro iPhone which looks like the original. 


      • 4+1=(iOS) 5 Thank you.

        • Vamsmack

          Or 4-1 = 3 which is the number of letters in RIM. APPLE IS BUYING RIM!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Ok, shut up already, troll.

          • You really don’t know who you’re talking to.

            Nice trolling Vamsmack 🙂

          • Vamsmack

            LOL Cheers buddy. I really just wanted to nail the RIM one before anyone else got in before me 😉

          • His Shadow

            Oh, the inability to recognize sarcasm in a textual format, it vexes the interweb.

          • Anonymous

            Yes but if you take the position in the alphabet of the letters RIM you get 18913 – which is obviously March 1891 – the month the International Copyright Act was passed by the US Congress.

            Clearly Apple are to buy RIM and then make its operating system open source

          • Pooh, a post-modern comment, good one.

      • I think the 1 on the phone icon means that their only releasing one iPhone. 

    • Josh

      No. The “4” is for Tuesday 4th October.

      • Vamsmack

        No the 4 stands for hope and the number of unicorns you will get for going to the event. 

        • His Shadow

          4 is the designation of the Thunderbird that will drop off Tim Cook.

    • Jag3468

       youre retarded

    • Tofer King

      The 4 isn’t too big.  It’s size corresponds to the image the Calendar icon shows when the date is the 4th of the month.

  • MacHead

    What a lame invite, looks like something youd see for the iPhone 3G hinting at its magical maps app

    • Anonymous

      Meh, not really.

    • His Shadow

      What a lame comment, hinting at a hipster faux world weary blase. 

      It’s an invite to an event announcing a new phone. It’s not the revelation that aliens have landed at Devil’s Tower.

  • Ggg5gebhardt

    How many just wet your pants?

    • Joe Bloggs

      I did

  • Vamsmack

    Or maybe it’s their subtle way of saying there will only be one phone, or that Jim ignored a call from Tim Cook and they just want to make sure he gets the message. 

  • Kilprity

    Or 1 phone to rule them all!!! Lol

  • Anna

    I think the one means “1 call” meaning the invitation is good for only one person.

  • Matt

    The calendar and clock icons show the time and date of the announcement. That’s all.

    • The pinpioint on the map might be a reference to the location – or not of course.

    • Anonymous

      The map icon shows the location of the event. The phone icon remains a mystery.

  • Chad

    Nice invite. Date, Time, Place and Topic. 

  • Suz

    Absolutely perfect invitation! (Though it pains me to realize that after all this time, I only just now realized what the iPhone’s map icon was.)

  • Never mind.

  • Kilprity

    Date icon: Tuesday October 4th

    Time icon: 10am


    Phone icon: And there talking iPhone! And there’s only 1(android can only resemble)

  • BLACK MacBook Airs, please (with iOS!).

  • Remember the last rumors about an improved voice integration: “Apple’s ‘Assistant’ Seen as Key Feature for New iPhone Hardware” (yesterday news) this maybe is related with the: “Let’s talk iPhone”.

    • Joeymail

      Diego is right. This is about deeper voice integration that includes each of the apps shown. I’m actually pretty exited about the “assistant” rumors. 1 step closer to the knowledge navigator

    • Exactly. Just add comma: “Let’s talk, iPhone.”

  • Mr Bassim

    Matt, cheer up, dude 🙂

  • I cant wait for the new iPhone5!

    • as

      I can’t wait to eat this baggle!

  • His Shadow

    Once again, my wife will have a newer iPhone than I do. I have a year on my current plan before I can upgrade.

    • Vamsmack

      Dude you’re doing it wrong. We have the same set up…. I get the new one, she gets the ‘old’ one, every year.

      • MG

        Or you could just upgrade both. ATT&T usually lets you upgrade early (have for the past 2 iPhone launches for a small fee if I can remember correctly $45). I assume Verizon would do the same thing.

        • Vamsmack

          I’m outside the US but our carrier normally offers me cheap Early Termination fees here (we’re still talking $1000) to break contract a year early… Considering I can buy it outright for less than that we just tend to roll a phone over each year.

  • ALCS

    Date on Calendar, Time on Clock, Location on Maps..1 iPhone?

  • Nipun4u

    Can We see the Photos Of Iphone 5.. ?

  • hoserama99

    So is this confirmed to be about the iPhone 5 (compared to a 4S or something) or is that assumed?

  • Ryno

    I just refuse to believe they would wait 16 months to put out an iphone that is already available… better processor and camera would be just a crappy update at 12 months

    • If memory serves, that’s just about what the 3GS was (except it was 12 months after the 3G). It just went on to be the best selling iPhone ever–until the 4.

      As a 4 owner, I’m just excited to get the new iOS 5 software. I’m on the two year schedule…probably update Summer 2012.

      Peace be with you.

  • Guest

    Tuesday is the second day of the week. 4 + 2 = 6 the hands of the clock are between 10 and 12. Add all numbers (1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2) and you get 6 and on the third icon: 8 – 2 = 6

    this message has 666 al over it! We are doomed on october 4th!

    • October is the 10th month and this is on the 4th day…. 10 – 4 = 6!!!!!

  • crliii

    Apple did NOT announced an iPhone 5 event for 10/4.  It is an iPhone event.  Unless there is more to the invitation than I see here there is no mention of an iPhone 5.  

    • startrees

      Don’t be a stupid person it is clear that it will be a release of iOS 5, iCloud, and MOSTLY due to a lot of factors there will be an iPhone 5

  • Ted

    Contrary to what is being reported here Apple said nothing about this being an iPhone 5 launch event.  An iPhone event – yes, but there is no mention of an iPhone 5.

  • Jisan


  • Mo

    4 (oct) plus 1 = iPhone 5

  • Garcia Henry

    I think it means that they are unifying the iphone to 1 model for both GSM and CDMA

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 5 and iPod Phone. So only one new iPhone, makes sense! 🙂

  • DominguezR

    1 means missing prototype in San Fran.

  • Yay!!!

  • “Let’s talk iPhone.” A very clever way for them to hint at the rumored overhaul in voice recognition in iPhone 5.

  • What jumps out at me when I see this invitation is just how hideous those iPhone icons are at 72 DPI. They feel very clunky at this size.

  • Guest

    You guys are reading too much into this…we will just have to wait and see.

  • Lion Cub

    Or they will give 1 excuse why no phone is coming out….

  • or the “1 more thing” is related to voice.  Maybe, the new siri powered “assistant” feature.  

  • Imagine Tim Cook walking around the stage, sweating and shouting “Developers, developers, developers”! Nightmares are made of this stuff.

  • Well, the choice of the 4 icons makes perfect sense if you think about a planned announcement of the personal assistance service!  Appointments, directions, reminders, missed phone calls / voicemail.

  • Anonymous

    I went to Apple.com and I didn’t find they released this inviation to this press event.  Admittedly, I only looked in Hot News.  On the Apple site, where do they post that this invitation was released?  I am not doubting the truth of the invitation, I am just asking where I can find the invitation on the Apple.com site.

  • Bars of Cupertino beware!

    Also: Stock-up on Heineken.

  • Anonymous

    what about iOS 5?

  • Or maybe the “1 more thing” is related to voice.  Maybe, the siri powered “Assistant” feature.

  • iphone5 or iphone4s, does not matter to me whether I am waiting ıos5

  • Jimleeds

    It’s going to be all about voice navigation.  That’s why it says let’s “Talk” iphone

  • Athoma1

    No Steve Jobs 🙁  

  • r reeves

    Four buttons on a nano home screen, no?

  • Anonymous

    I am not doubting the validity of the invitation, I am asking where on the Apple.com site I will find the publication of the invitation.  Admittedly, I looked only under Hot News.

  • Apple does not publish the invite.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        If you send out wedding or party invitations, do you publish them publicly (rhetorical no)? It’s only for select “guests”, no point in publishing it.

  • jasper

    “let’s talk iPhone”, the iPhone you can talk to (and will talk back)

  • Cnctwthme

    If you read it, Let’s Talk, iPhone, then you get the hint, the new iPhone will be something you talk to not just talk to others with. It becomes a “companion”.

  • Anonymous

    omg omg omg I cant wait. This is gonna be really good I think. online-privacy.us.tc

  • bunnyhero

    “let’s TALK iphone”. i wonder if that’s a hint about the rumoured voice control or speech-to-text functions?

  • Billthomson

    Is the a way to watch the event on OCT 2nd either online or tv?

  • Anon

    The invite points to two things:

    iPhone “Talk”

    They will show the new integration of Siri Assistant – it will allow you to create appointments, text messages, calls, etc using only your voice.

  • ryan2714

    iPhones! as in plural please! Atleast make it worth the wait and bring me 2! I feel like I’m in for a huge disappointment though.

  • I think we may be getting the kind of session that we got with the iPod, as it started to go down-market with the iPod nano and shuffle.

  • :]

    Maybe it means that the invite is for 1 person only!

  • Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5 event, they announced an iPhone event. Who knows that they are going to talk about? It could be the iPhone  4 II Universe Deluxe. YOU NEVER KNOW, JIM!!

  • 280 clearly refers to Mbps. They must be putting in a USB port, HDMI out and SD card slot.

  • Why not have a “5” in the alert badge over the phone?  Just thinkin’ out loud.

  • Anonymous

    The caption says “Let’s talk iPhone”, I am ready for a talking iPhone.

  • Ethan

    I think the 1 on the phone icon is either just for shits and giggles or its just saying that the invite is a notification.

  • Byron

    What makes you call it the iPhone 5 event? I see no 5 in that picture 

  • “Apple announces iPhone 5 event for Oct. 4”

    They did no such thing….Show me where it says, “iPhone 5”. It’s not on MY invite…. 🙂

  • Timothy Tucker

    Anyone notice the number 1 next to the phone icon? Perhaps theres only one new phone getting debuted, not the two that has been widely speculated.

  • Daf

    So, the icon of the calendar implies that it is the 4th of October. The clock implies that it is at 10:00 AM. The Maps icon implies where it will be, and the phone Icon with the little 1 in the corner? That they’re going to annaunce 1 new phone?

  • Anonymous

    Come to Apple Campus on October 4th at 10:00 for 1 phone message. As in no iPod message. There is not only no iPod icon here, it is gone from iOS 5 also. (Named “Music” everywhere now.)

    I think they are going to retire the iPod (or at least semi-retire) and introduce a lineup of handhelds that are all iPhones. Their music message today is iPhone+iCloud, not iPod+iTunes. If not for iPod touch, which is really an iPhone, the iPod line would be an accessory like AirPort base stations and Apple TV.

    Is the invitation an iPhone nano screen? Looks kind of familiar.

  • clearly only one phone to be introduced on the 4th, 10am, route 280 in cupertino. simple.

  • Stanroose

    whéééé can’t wait !

  • No, no, no! It has nothing to do with the iPhone 5. iPhone shmyPhone. Numerology is about monumental things!

    It’s obvious. Look at the shape of the red and blue icon on the map. This means something was close geographically. And because that icon is red white (text) and blue, and has horns – and who was in California (geographically close to Cupertino) yesterday?

    It can lead to one, and only one conclusion!


    God told me on my Jesus phone.

  • christopher rizzo

    LOL.. does the red 1 indicate only 1 new phone?

  • 622michael

    Is there going to be an iPod touch 5?

  • Anonymous

    Finally the date is confirmed! Can’t wait any more, and wae looking forward to the 4G LTE and 8-Megapixel Camera iPhone 5!

  • Releasing iOS5 and iPhone 5… Should’ve been on Wednesday the 5th.

    • Prakash Chandiramani

      for all you know iOS 5 will be released on Oct 5th

  • Anonymous

    I’ll call it now:

    iPhone 5 will be a thinner iPhone 4 with bigger screen (like new iPod touch but in smaller package; edge to edge), A5, 8MP, 1gb ram. The iPhone 4 is a great industrial design and I would hate it if they didn’t stick with it or a variation of it.

    iPod Touch will be curved teardrop design. Think about it…iPod Touch has always been thinner than iPhone. iPod Touch has ALWAYS had the rounded back. The iPhone 5 is always different looking than apples other products.

  • Rinesh

    Do any of these rich ppl can offer an iphone for me? 00971501499814

    • Vamsmack

      They’re rich because they’re not just handing out iPhones. 

  • Bravo!

  • Dave

    Are they adding these 4 apps to shuffle?

  • Waleedlove

    I love Apple’s simple event

  • so many nerds arguing for nothing.

  • mrwafflez

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • very nice! I cant wait to see what the new iphone will be like

  • IAmFromHK

    Thanks so much for the live update!

  • Hans

    I also like Apple’s invites

  • Lamar-1430

    I wish I attend the event but I’m in Pennsylvania, soooo far from Cali.



  • Krymstopr

    Just split the stock Timmy.

  • People was waiting for this quite a long time, finally Oct 4 will release the secrets of the iPhone 5. Hope that it comes up with something challenging.

  • RTonio

    Never understood how people can use a forum to have a go at people using the forum. 

  • Peter

    when will the iphone 5 be available to purchase in Australia

  • pranav

    Its a cool invite…lets move on

  • YeaIt’sMe

    you all jus stfu.

  • The problem with the iPhone is that it is a matured period. The newest of the product has come and gone. Even if Apple makes it look thinner.. It is still just another iPhone.

  • Howard Chen


  • apple iphone 5 will rock the world…