∞ Michael Arrington: Uncrunched

Michael Arrington:

One thing I knew for sure was that I’d never trick readers, or lie to them, or otherwise be shady. It’s not me. And even if it was me, it’s too easy to get caught. The easy path was the one where transparency was shining brightly.

And another chapter begins.

  •  To paraphrase Bynkii, there is no way that Arrington could possibly believe that there’s a Hell with statements like that. If he did, he’d be in fear for his immortal soul…

  • djr

    Well I don’t think he explicitly said he wouldn’t be a slimy piece of shit, so he’s still in the clear there.

  • How stupid does he think the rest of the world is to make such ludicrously ironic statements? He makes Dan Lyons sound like Plato.

  • Ok, the next person who says “transparency” and isn’t talking about glass, ghosts, or Lake Tahoe gets kicked in the nuts.

  • Steven Fisher

    I wonder how long this “transparency” thing will last. Have we caught anything in his first post yet?

    • In that very post he said there are some conflicts of interest he won’t reveal, just because nobody will talk to him otherwise. The man has no clue how journalism works. He thinks he’s a post-journalist I suppose. Who knows? All I know is I won’t be reading his tripe.

  • You mean that site is real? I thought it was a parody. Fake Steve Jobs revisited for Arrington or something.

  • I just love how he tries to bolster his sense of self importance and confuse the reader by pretending that he had a conversation with William Shatner, when the only thing that connected him to this gentleman of SciFi was a paid online autograph service.

    Arrington, you’re a pathetic excuse for a meat sack.