∞ Apple's iPhone 5 event on October 4

John Paczkowski:

Tuesday, October 4. That’s the day Apple is currently expected to hold its next big media event, according to sources close to the situation, where the tech giant will unveil the next iteration of its popular iPhone.


  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness. I’ve been holding on to a 3GS that has a broken silencer: it spontaneously (probably not spontaneous, but in reaction to the tiniest, undetectable changes in pressure, or perhaps by the gravitational pull of the moon) turns off and on and off and on. Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz goes the vibration, constantly, for 20 seconds at a time.

    I’ve been holding off, waiting for the announcement. It feels something like throwing good money (time) after bad, but I felt I could wait it out. Our long personal nightmare is almost over!

    • tom

      I have exactly the same problem, and I’m waiting as well. 🙂 I turned of the vibrations though, too annoying.

    • Abhi

      same here

    • Hector

      My 3GS is still working fine, but my contract finished 3 months ago and i´m just waiting for the new one. Good thing its almost over!

    • Tupfbussis

      ahah exactly the same happened on my 3GS. drives me insane. it is so frustrating though that these stupidly expensive items are made to last one year. they’re a money making trap. Lost are the days Apple was a manufacturer of good quality hardware.

      • wlh

        I hate to tell you but all electronics wear out. Yea some people may have a calculator or something from like 1980 that still works fine, but dude, its a phone.  I challenge you to look at the phone and compare it to the day it was brand new and see how much wear the phone has.  I know people who have the 3GS and even the 3G for that matter who’s buttons and switches still work just fine.  So don’t go making the false generalization that Apple doesn’t make good hardware anymore just because YOUR phone is a little banged up. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree, despite my starting this thread. Though the phone has been in my pocket every day since it came out (that would have been, what, two and a half years ago? June 2009?), this is the only issue I’ve had. Screen is still good, no cracks in the case, nothing wrong with any other part. No battery degradation that I can tell, though to be fair I’m rarely far from a charger and thus I rarely find myself lacking in charge.

          All this with no case, at least not for the last year. It’s held up remarkably well.And, to be even more fair, it spends a LOT of time in my pocket, with my keys. That disappoints me, that I do that, but I carry an even more important piece of electronics in my other pocket, and I just never got used to holsters (I’ve had more than one snap off my belt as I was entering or exiting a car).

    • Iamnathan

      Same here

    • I had the same problem, but I took my iPhone to an Apple Store and they replaced it, no questions asked.

      • Anonymous

        I did bring my phone to the Apple store, per advice I received on this site before, and I got midway helped. They did take it and examine it and determine that it wasn’t a part they could replace. But since I was so far out of warranty, they couldn’t just issue a new one.

        BUT they DID make a very generous offer: they could charge me just the fee for a battery replacement, about $70. So major points for giving me a good deal. But as I knew I was just going to replace it anyway shortly, I opted not to do so (money’s tight for me these days).

        I know I shouldn’t put stock in any rumors about what the new phone (phones?) will be like, but there will be a few issues I’ll be looking at closely in deciding whether to get the 5 (or whatever it turns out to be) or the 4 (which, hopefully, will be available at a lesser price as has happened the last couple of times):

        (1) I really like the 4’s form factor. I like the squared-off blockiness, the feel of it in my hand, the size. I don’t like the teardrop shape that has been rumored…so if those rumors turn out to be true, the other elements will have to be very impressive.

        (2) I’m almost positive that I can’t buy a phone introduced by Tim Cook and not by Steve Jobs. It loses its luster and I expect to not be taken in by all the fancy marketing and excellent showmanship.

        (3) I like to take very good photos, and as such I don’t really use the 3GS camera much. I’ve seen the results from the 4 and I love them, enough to not worry so much that I don’t have my SLR, probably. I’m not hung up on the megahertz myth, 5MP should be just fine for most purposes and the 4 has an awesome sensor that is the real element in making good pics. That being said, all other things being equal, more pixels is better than less.

        (4) In the spirit of (3) above, I’ve read some about the color casting on photos taken with the flash on, reflecting the color of the case if the opening for the camera and flash are too small. There are fixes for this but I just don’t like having to cut up or color in the case. I’d rather it work as it should. I’ve also heard that the flash might be moved to the other side of the housing, which should not only fix that issue but also would help with red-eye.

        (5) Finally, also in the spirit of (3), any speeding up of the camera app’s ability to turn on is welcome. iOS 5 has some improvement in that, but it remains to be seen just how much. If there is a hardware improvement to that startup time, I’m very interested.

        Oh, and I was just kidding about number (2). Psyche!

  • k2x

    I can’t wait!

  • Theresa

    same here !

  • Happy3Gs

    My wife and I – 3GS, no problems and looks pretty damn good. Not that it should the punishment we give them ! – Roll on 5…

    • Houzi

      same here