∞ It's not just China – Apple knockoffs in New York, too


Court records reveal that Apple has already seized unauthorized iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories sold by two stores in the Flushing neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens, and is now demanding the names of its customers and suppliers. It is also asking one of the defendants — Apple Story — to change its name to keep consumers from confusing the unauthorized gear with Apple-sanctioned products.The trademark infringement lawsuit was first filed on July 25 against Apple Story and Fun Zone Inc., both owned by New York resident Janie Po Chiang, who is named as a co-defendant in the suit, along with Fun Zone manager Jimmy Kwok.

Calling your Apple knock-off store “Apple Story” is just asking for a world of hurt.

  • “Apple…is now demanding the names of its customers and suppliers”

    Going after the suppliers is one thing.  Going after the customers is…ethically complicated.

  • Anonymous

    At the risk of appearing to be an Apple apologist, I’m not sure they’re “going after” the customers. It’s more likely they want to know if, or exactly how, Apple Story presented themselves as affiliated with Apple Inc. to customers. There may also be warranty issues depending upon how the stock was sourced.