∞ AT&T confirms iPhone 5 launch in early October


One of our high-level AT&T sources just informed us that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed to several employees that the iPhone 5 is slated to launch in early October.


  • ooo… and I just got a $1000 incentive award. Coincidence? I think not! Suh-WEET!

  • BGR has high-level sources?

  • matt

    please, please, please change your headline.  nobody has “confirmed” anything, LEAST OF ALL AT&T.

    honestly, this shit drives me fucking crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Actually they have. They have confirmed that they believe that the iphone will be out in early October. 

      Which tells us that they it is likely that this will be true. By early October the iphone will be out. 

      Might it be out before then. Sure, it’s possible. Apple might have said early October and then changes their minds to late September to get it in before the fiscal quarter ends. We have to wait for Apple to tell us. 

      • Anonymous

        Early October? Doubtful. Sorry to let you down, but that’s just not gonna happen. By holiday time? Maybe, just maybe.

        While Apple’s secretive as anything about release dates, what’s involved, etc, they ALWAYS give at least 2-3 month’s notice on this stuff, time to let the public know what’s going on. This is why it’s better projected for a holiday release. October is just way too soon.

        As the OP suggested though, there is NOTHING confirmed here at all.

        • Anonymous

          ” they ALWAYS give at least 2-3 month’s notice on this stuff,”

          No they don’t. They did for the first iphone and the first ipad because the FCC clearance is public info and would have given it up anyway. And Jobs hates that. He demands that Apple give out confirmed info first, no one else. 

          But after that, it has not been ALWAYS 2-3 months. More like 2-3 weeks,1 month at most. 

          Iphone 3g: introduced June 9, 2008. On sale July 11, 2008 Iphone 3gs: Introduced June 8, 2009, on sale June 19, 2008 iPhone 4 (ATT): Introduced June 6, 2010, on sale June 24, 2010 Iphone 4 (Ver): Introduced Jan 11, 2011, on sale Feb 10, 2011

          Ipad 2: Introduced March 2, 2011, on sale March 11, 2011

          White iphone 4: Introduced April 27, 2011. On sale April 28, 2011

          “time to let the public know what’s going on”

          You give Apple too much credit. They don’t care about the public knowing ahead what’s going on. They don’t really care if you just upgraded 2 months ago. Especially since anyone with an iphone ‘knows’ there will be a new one each year and basically refuses to upgrade until it happens. And they make millions of sales already so the bottom line and the shareholders are happy

          Plus when you consider the traffic in the Apple Stores during a phone launch and during the holidays, it is insanity to think that Apple would put those two together. Or that the malls that many of their stores are in would be too pleased to support such a move.

          AND by pushing the iphone into the holidays Apple has no major item to cause crazy profit and make the shareholders go nuts when the Quarter earnings are released. Those numbers are part of how Apple deflects the whole “without Jobs in the captain’s seat micromanaging everything, Apple is going to fail” BS.

  • Notice JIm saying Yep to the BGR story, when Jim says Yep to a rumor you can take it to the bank.

  • yehaaaaa.  I’m ready

  • Neonpinklover

    I got the iPhone 3GS on sale at AT&T is The iPhone 4 gonna be on sale I hope it is

  • Neonpinklover

    I got the iPhone 3GS on sale at AT&T is the iPhone 4 going to be on sale When the iPhone 5 comes out let me know

  • Anonymous

    SURPRISE, you got screwed. NEXT time, get the story right!!!