∞ Comcast debuts 'Internet Essentials' for low-income families

Comcast has announced plans to offer $10 per month Internet access to low-income families. The “Internet Essentials” plan also nets families who meet the qualifications with a $150 voucher to help them buy a free computer.

The plan was unveiled late last week in Miami, Fla., but is available wherever Comcast offers service. It requires families to meet several criteria in order to qualify:

  • The family has to be located where Comcast offers Internet service;
  • At least one child has to be eligible for a free school lunch;
  • The family can’t owe Comcast money or equipment;
  • and the family can’t have been a Comcast Internet customer within 90 days.

In return, Comcast will provide the family with Internet service for $9.95 per month plus tax, without no price increases, activation fees or equipment rental fees. They also provide the family with a $150 voucher to purchase a low-cost computer, as well as “digital literacy training” and access to security software.

  • What a great upsell opportunity!

  • We heard about this a month or so ago at work. I may not love Comcast, and they’ve probably had their hand forced in some way to do this, but I’m glad the program exists. Hopefully, more families in our school district will be able to get online.

  • Anonymous

    Now if they will only allow competition amongst company’s supplying  cable access, both TV and internet, on the local community scene. This will hopefully provide the best opportunity to get the price down where more people will be able to afford it.

    Just a thought

  • nospam

    “… to help them buy a free computer.”


  • Aaronvegh

    Off topic, I know, but do you know that your “mobile” interface is almost completely broken in an iPad? I would love it if you could deactivate it.