∞ Netflix vs. Hulu: Survey says


Nearly nine of 10 Hulu subscribers watch streaming TV shows and movies on a computer, but only 42 percent of Netflix users do, according to a recent Nielsen survey. And while nearly three-fourths of Hulu subscribers watch mostly TV shows, only 11 percent of Netflix users say the same.

Again, I will say it — I love Netflix.

  • Anonymous

    Hulu’s whole system is geared toward forcing people to watch on computers. If you want a portable device you have to pay for the subscription (and i don’t think they allow AirPlay for hulu videos from an iPad.) Any service that used hulu to display on a TV device (Boxee and Google TV) got blocked. Boxee snuck it back in via a workaround, not sure on Google TV.

    Netflix is geared towards getting you to use the service as much as possible, everywhere possible. That’s why they have deals with the Apple TV, TiVo, I think every Blu-Ray can now play Netflix, and a lot of TVs are adding it.

  • The quote you pulled is factually incorrect.

    If you read the original report (or the graph), they make it clear that the 42% vs 89% are a comparison between watching on a computer vs. watching on another device, such as a console or set-top box. At no point is a comparison between streaming and disc-based viewing made in the original report. The entire report is about streaming content only.

    It’s some shoddy reporting on PCWorld’s part.

    • I don’t see where you are getting “disc based” out of that paragraph. They are just saying that people watching hulu streaming are doing it on their computers …Netflix streamers users are doing it on their TVs

      • Now that I read through it again, I’m not sure why I got so wound up either. I think it’s because the wording of the first sentence leaves a bit to be desired, since it doesn’t convey the significance of that statistic (i.e. that Netflix users are watching on other devices), which then leaves the emphasis on “streaming”…

        Yeah, I don’t know where I’m going with that or how I arrived where I did. Consider my post retracted.

  • That hulu number is a bit high for two reasons. 1) some of the damn content CANNOT (natively) be watched on a TV due to their licensing agreements. 2) Some people use PlayOn, etc. to stream the free hulu to their other devices …this is still seen as computer viewing on their end.