∞ AT&T to begin throttling data speeds

9to5 Mac:

A new change for AT&T Wireless’ Unlimited Data subscribers will soon be taking place. Rumored to be starting in the first week of October, we’ve heard that AT&T will start throttling the data speeds of the network’s top data hogs. As Verizon (PDF) and Virgin have recently done, AT&T will be adopting a similar plan to try to curb the problem of data congestion and overall network issues that have hurt its 3G network’s performance since the onset of the iPhone.

It doesn’t come as a big surprise that AT&T would start doing this, but I can’t figure out how people use 2GB-4GB of data a month. This is the rumored limit before throttling will start. I know this for sure — if that’s the limit I have to reach, I’ll never have to worry about throttling.

  • Seth Dillingham

    We have four phones on our account. Two of them (one iPhone, one droid) get the “you’re approaching your data limit” warning at least every other month.

    I don’t know how they do it either.

  • Anonymous

    Congestion a throttle in itself. Service sucks already, and their gonna make it slower? Fantastic. That’s an attractive way to make iPhone users jump ship to consistent-speeded Verizon or still-unlimited Sprint, should a Sprint iPhone be released here in September. (It’s possible. Do I see it happening? No.)

    Secondly; I know I can burn through 3GB of data in a month, I’m sure others can too. AT&T’s poor service where I live (Northwest Colorado Springs, Colorado) is throttle enough.

    Now should an HSPA+ iPhone 5 make an appearance, then I can understand data throttles, and will continue to pay AT&T. T-Mobile already covers where I live with great HSPA+ service, based on my friends’ phones. So when AT&T acquires T-Mobile, I think it goes without saying that AT&T will acquire that “4G” coverage.

    • TexanPatriot

      Just 3 hours of satellite radio per day can cause that.

      So….I guess, unlimited….is NOT UNLIMITED!  

      Nice, AT&T…..screwed me on the DSL now on the iPhone and iPad.   

      What good is a fast 4G network, except get you to your data caps QUICKER!    I might just have to DROP my data.   

  • Jim as someone who writes for a a tech site, you probably have Wi-Fi at your home, that helps trim quite a bit of data usage.

    • That’s true, I do utilize Wi-Fi, but even when I travel for a few weeks at a time, I don’t come near that.

  • JEZ

    Video podcasts. Netflix.

  • Prk60091

    Lots of streaming and lots of email. I have no access to wifi while at work. I am approximately 50% through my month and I have used 1136MB of data

  • Just one predictable consequence of allowing utilities to regulate themselves.

  • Hannah Fontana

    There’s only one way to stop this – start a boycott.

  • Vamsmack

    With tethering in use while I am out on the road I can smash through 4GB in a month but not much more than that. One reason I occasionally will get close to 4GB without tethering is when I am using an app which downloads podcasts for me OTA instead of syncing with iTunes, needless to say I stopped using that app and just started using iTunes again to start managing my podcasts. 

  • Earlsmouton

    I burn upwards of 6 gigs a month using netflix alone. I do this because my DSL is slower than my 3G connection here in rural East Texas. I have kept my unlimited plan just because I would be paying twice as much if not more if I switched to a tiered plan. I just wish they would let me know when I would getting close to reaching their new limit. How can I tell if I’m in the top 5%.

  • holycrap

    F’n NAZIs at ATT… They want control just like the Commies.