∞ Veteran developer Steve Lacey killed in driving incident


“Google engineer Steve Lacey, 43, a veteran of the Seattle region’s tech community who worked for more than a decade at Microsoft, died Sunday in a car crash in Kirkland.”

Lacey, a British ex-pat worked on DirectX and Xbox-related software, including several iterations of the hugely popular Flight Simulator titles, Munch’s Oddysee, NFL Fever and Crimson Skies. Most recently he had been working at Google.

Lacey was apparently the victim of road rage, and not the intended victim, either. An imbecile (that authorities believe had been drinking) smashed into him in pursuit of another car. A tragic, senseless loss. Our thoughts are with Lacey’s family.

  • old programmers never die, they just cast into void*.

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      Impolite and improper joke.

  • We need self driving vehicles now. On a recent bus ride the driver did not see that the light was red and almost killed a girl.

  • At the very least, we need systems that can spot human beings and stop vehicles from running into them.  Mercedes is already selling such systems.

    We also could start detecting the color of lights and provide an audio message if the vehicle is not slowing fast enough.  

    There are many things we could do to enhance safety before self driving vehicles are ready.  Cars should at least be able to tell us when we are screwing up before they can be trusted to drive themselves.

  • Of course, that won’t stop drunk drivers.  

  • Shit i played with some of his stuff, loosing people like this so stupidly …